Tori Spelling hospitalized yet again, may have contracted non-polio enterovirus

Tori Spelling

Just one day before the premiere of the second season of True Tori, reports are surfacing that Tori Spelling has been hospitalized yet again.

According to The Daily Mail, Tori was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center over the weekend when she came down with a fever and severe coughing attack causing her to nearly pass out.

Doctors don’t have a concrete diagnosis but are fearing Tori may have non-polio enterovirus which is a very common virus.

While it’s generally not harmful, some people who contract the virus can get an infection of their heart or brain or even become paralyzed and can even lead to death. In fact, there have already been seven deaths linked to enterovirus this year.

Until the doctors know for sure what is causing Tori’s illness, they are keeping her quarantined which means she won’t be allowed to see family or friends, specifically her four young children.

This is just the latest bit of drama for Tori who is already dealing with financial problems and family issues as a result of Dean’s infidelity last year all of which is documented for the world to see on season 2 of True Tori.

The season premiere of True Tori airs October 21 at 9/8c on Lifetime.