Tori Spelling confirms she is NOT pregnant, closes the door to more children

Tori and Dean 1

After teasing us with a pregnancy scare in the trailer for Season 2 of True Tori, fans were surprised to find out the topic was hit head on in the very first episode.

Upon taking a pregnancy test, Tori found out she wasn’t pregnant. When she broke the news to Dean, the two discussed if they would have more kids. Tori admitted she is “happily done.”

In addition to the pregnancy scare, other major topics were addressed in the first episode including Tori finally seeing the face of Dean’s adulteress, the cancellation of her TV show Mystery Girls, and concerns over Tori’s weight.

Tori was shocked when she saw Emily Goodhand’s face saying, “I’m f**king devastated.”

Assuming Dean cheated with a gorgeous bombshell, Tori was put off when she realized Emily wasn’t someone she would ordinarily be threatened by, “So am I a b**ch if I say that I think she’s unattractive?”

Unfortunately for Tori, she was also surprised to discover Mystery Girls was cancelled when a friend told her via text message.

Mystery Girls

And finally, if your best friend can’t tell you, who can? When Tori met with BFF Mehran Farhat to discuss business dealings, he bluntly said what we all have been thinking, “I think that you look a little too skinny.” He went on to question her, “How much do you weigh? Is it 100?”

We hope Tori starts taking better care of herself. After being rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this weekend, Tori is still in the hospital while doctors diagnose and treat her respiTORI issues.

She posted this picture right before the premiere of True Tori.

Tori Spelling


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