REPORT Tori Spelling can’t pay her credit card bills

Tori Spelling

Another day, another report of money troubles for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott. This time, the couple can’t pay their credit card bills.

According to TMZ, Tori hasn’t made a payment on her American Express card since last June. Records show she attempted to pay $1,070 toward her balance…but the payment bounced. Yikes!

The current balance on Tori’s Amex is $37,981.97 including interest.

American Express doesn’t mess around with delinquent payments, even if you are a reality TV star. The credit card company is going after Tori, suing her in order to collect the cash.

This isn’t the first time Tori and Dean have been late making payments. In October, it was reported that Dean owed his ex-wife nearly $45,000 in back child support for their teenage son Jack.

And, last September, the prevalent rumor said the couple was so hard up for cash they began reaching out to friends for help.

According to Tori’s Instagram, she’s in the midst of juggling two projects. She labeled a recent picture #Working2JobsAtOnce #BurningTheCandleAtBothEnds

Steady work means a steady paycheck, so, hopefully, the couple will be able to get back on their feet soon. PHOTO: WENN

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