PHOTOS: All of Dean McDermott’s Tori Spelling tattoos


Dean McDermott and Tori Spelling working to save their seven-year marriage on television in the aftermath of Dean’s cheating scandal, alcoholism, and suicidal breakdown and Tori’s hospitalization. Although they tried to put up a front of perfection for many years after falling in love while they were married to other people, their more candid Lifetime reality show Tori & Dean is full of honest marital tension.

Before the breakdown of the marriage last year Dean and Tori revealed that Dean had gotten a special, secret tattoo for Tori in an “intimate place.” This was the four tattoo Dean got for his wife. He has the words “Truly, madlyy, deeply, Tori” written on his writ, a gothic cross with “Tori Girl” going down the middle on his arm, and a giant rendition of her face on his arm.


Dean has said that he fell in love with Tori while watching her play Donna Martin on 90210. Sparks flew when they finally met on set of the lifetime movie Mind Over Murder. Tori talks about how tattoos are such an “expression of who you are,” and that you “literally share your story. It’s documented for everyone to see. Tori herself got a part of the vows Dean wrote to her on her left ribcage. “I put his vows,” she says in her True Tori documentary, “The same vows that he broke.”

Dean’s ex wife Mary Jo is currently working on a tell-all book about her 13-year-old marriage to him. He cheated on her with Tori, and left her because he thought Tori was his “soul mate.”

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