PHOTOS Dean McDermott is beefing up and preparing for his ‘comeback’

In addition to being an actor, a reality star, and a chef, Dean McDermott is looking to add a new title to his resume: fitness buff.

Back in May, Dean took to social media to announce he was planning for a “comeback” while training at a Tapout gym.

“Workout number one of many in my journey in getting fit and making a full on comeback,” Dean explained.

While we’re not exactly sure what kind of “comeback” Dean is referencing, all the hard work seems to be paying off. Dean posted a photo today looking seriously buff!

It’s not just Dean focusing on his health and fitness. Tori and the kids are also getting on board.

Tapout gyms are a bit different from traditional gyms in that they focus on boxing, kickboxing, circuit training, and self-defense, and it’s the chosen workout of many MMA fighters.

In fact, Radar claims that Dean isn’t just looking to get in shape but he’s actually hoping to start MMA fighting soon.

“Dean may be twice the age of most of the guys he’s sparring with, but he’s working at it every day and the next step is fighting in front of a crowd!” a source claims.

Tori is also looking to get in shape. Last month, People reported that she hired Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave to be her accountability coach.

“I found that after having the fifth baby the weight didn’t come off as easily as with my previous children,” Tori explained. “I wasn’t hitting the weight loss goals I had set for myself.”

Jessica Bradford is a writer for Starcasm.