Tori Spelling underwent a chicken blood voodoo ritual the day before she met Dean

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On the True Tori: Confessions special that aired before the second season of True Tori on Lifetime tonight, Tori revealed that she visited a voodoo priestess right before she met Dean McDermott on the set of Mind of Murder. She underwent a two-day ritual that included a chicken blood ritual.

Tori was unhappily married to first husband Charlie Shanian for just a year when she decided to make Mind Over Murder. Before she went to Canada to film the Lifetime movie, she made a trip to New York.

“I went to Brooklyn by myself, and I met Mama Lola, who is a big voodoo priestess,” Tori recalled. “She did this reading for me, and then it was during this cleansing that took two days. one was a milk bath, one involved chicken blood.

“Talk about grasping at straws trying to make your life and love life connect. I literally found myself standing in my underwear having chicken blood splattered on my forehead.

All in all she said I had an evil on me, and she was cleansing me and that going forward my life was going to completely change. Everything was gonna change. The next day, I met Dean.”

Tori visited Mama Lola again when she was expecting her second baby with Dean. In her book Mommywood, she wrote that feared that if she had a girl, she would repeat the same mistakes she felt her mother made with her.
Mama Lola told her the baby would be male, but it turned out that Tori was expecting a baby girl.

After she found out the sex of her baby, Tori made a list of grievances towards her parents, and vowed to not make these mistakes.

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