Tori Spelling says True Tori wasn’t fake because she’s not that good of an actress

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Despite the rather raw nature of the show there have been some skeptics of Lifetime’s True Tori who claim that a lot of the drama and “storyline,” was fake. Last night on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live Tori Spelling tried to put those rumors to bed by lambasting her “dramatic” acting skills.

“You couldn’t get any more real,” she told Andy when he brought up some of the allegations that the show was scripted. “And, I’m not that good an actress.”Tori didn’t completely throw herself under the bus, though…. in drama. In comedy, I excel.”

Jennie Garth, who stars with Tori in Mystery Girls was also a guest on WWHL, and the pair re-enacted a scene from from their Beverly Hills, 90210 days.


Tori has said that she and Dean are still working things out, and part of that may mean taking a stand for herself. She recently removed his name from both her Twitter and her Instagram handles, which was probably a healthy move either way. She’s her own person, not “Tori and Dean.”

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