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PHOTOS Linda Phan mixes work and play with fiancé Drew Scott and the Property Brothers’ growing empire

Half of HGTV's world-famous Property Brothers is getting hitched–but who is Linda Phan, Drew Scott's fiancée? The couple has been together for years, but relatively little is known about the woman who fans the flames of Drew's heart. Keep reading for a Linda Phan bio and photo gallery, plus the enchanting story of their proposal!

Property Brothers’ Drew Scott springs surprise marriage proposal on girlfriend Linda Phan

For Property Brothers fans, it's one of the longest-running questions of all: Is Drew Scott married? Drew and long-time girlfriend Linda Phan have been together since 2010, and seem like the perfect couple in their many social media updates together–so much so that many fans assumed the two had been married for years. Well, this week, Drew shocked Linda with a surprise proposal...and of course she said yes! Read on for all the details!

VIDEO Property Brothers bar fight footage surfaces, appears to exonerate Jonathan Scott

Last week, news of a Property Brothers bar fight went viral, and raised the eyebrows of many a Jonathan Scott fan. According to apparent eyewitnesses, Scott had started something with multiple parties–reportedly bouncers–at a Fargo ND bar after trying to stick around past closing. Scott claimed he was the victim of a separate altercation, and had nothing to do with any big brawl; now, footage of the incident has emerged, and it appears to back up Scott's version of events.

Property Brothers bar fight: Jonathan Scott proclaims innocence in North Dakota brouhaha

It was a proper Property Brothers bar fight this past April in Fargo ND, as one half of the famous HGTV duo threw down with a handful of tavern employees while insisting on his right to stay past closing time. Though the police report has only recently come to light, local law enforcement says that Jonathan Scott won't face charges–and Scott responded by taking to Instagram to offer his explanation of the incident. Read on to see what Jonathan had to say!

Do the people on Property Brothers get to keep the furnishings?

Property Brothers has long been one of the most popular shows on HGTV, but there's one question people have about the show that's asked more persistently than any other: What happens to all the Property Brothers furnishings after Jonathan and Drew are done? Do the people on Property Brothers get to keep the furnishings? For the answer to that, and several other frequently asked Property Brothers questions, read on!

Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott release a music video!

Country music has a rich history of brother duos with Hall of Fame siblings pairs that include the likes of Charlie and Ira Louvin, Don and Phil Everly, and Jim and Jesse McReynolds. Now Nashville can add another entry to the brother duo canon: The Property Brothers! Keep reading to watch the brand new music video for "Hold On" by Jonathan and Drew Scott, and find out the story behind it.