Like the salmon of Capistrano, Property Brothers gay rumors have come home to spawn once more

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Gossip about the Property Brothers being gay crops up every year or so, usually around the time that one of their massively successful HGTV franchises is scheduled to begin airing a new season. Now that Drew Scott is appearing on Dancing With The Stars, the gossip has emerged once more. This time, it’s something Drew and Jonathan addressed head-on, in an interview with Closer Weekly.

Drew, of course, laughed off the rumors, probably because he’s heard them all before. “Good-looking guys with good-looking designs, they have to be gay,” he told the publication. He added that he and Jonathan think all the attention their love lives get is “flattering.”

In fact, of the two Property Brothers (the third Scott brother, JD, mostly works behind the camera), Jonathan has a reputation for being something of a Lothario. A recent report alleged that he split from his first wife, back in 2009, in favor of a topless Las Vegas dancer. Things with the dancer didn’t last long either, and Jonathan has been seen on various red carpets with an assortment of beauties in the years since.

His current girlfriend is Scott Brothers employee Jacinta Kuznetsov, seen here accompanying her beau on the way to the 2017 Emmys:

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Drew Scott, meanwhile, is engaged to longtime girlfriend Linda Phan, who is also a Scott Brothers employee. Drew’s proposal employed an overly elaborate series of ruses and homages to he and Linda’s relationship. Among them: recording a cover of Train’s 2010 hit “Carry Me” and arranging for it to be played at Linda’s favorite restaurant while the two had dinner, then signaling for the restaurant staff to bring out the wedding proposal cake, itself a reworking of the Oh, The Places You’ll Go cover (since it’s Linda’s favorite book). They are adorable: almost irritatingly so. Here’s more proof:

Property Brothers gay 2

As for the Brothers’ current non-female endeavors, you can catch them in action when Dancing With The Stars airs Monday nights at 8 on ABC, and when Property Brothers: Buying and Selling airs Wednesday nights at 9 on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Property Brothers gay via Instagram)

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