The Property Brothers talk Trump, Fixer Upper crossover in NYT feature

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The Property Brothers are about to debut their latest HGTV project, which means that the high-profile interviews are coming fast and furious. Jonathan and Drew recently spoke with the New York Times about Brother Vs. Brother Season 5, currently wrapping up filming in Galveston TX ahead of a May 31 premiere date. But the interview touched on all manner of other intriguing topics, so fans of all things Property Brothers will want to be advised:

Jonathan Scott is no fan of Donald Trump
Though the brothers are well aware that some Property Brothers fans are also Trump fans, Jonathan is willing to go on record saying that he’s not among them. “I believe our show is about finding solutions for the little guy,” he told the paper of record. “And I think the current administration is doing stuff that is counterproductive to serving the little guy.”

Plus, later in the interview, an answer to an unrelated question shed a bit more light on some of Jonathan’s political opinions: He’s “very into conservation and solar energy,” and has even written an entire documentary series about renewables.

The long-rumored crossover with Fixer Upper remains a possibility
Devotées will recall that the Property Brothers and the Gainses of Fixer Upper were teasing the possibility of some kind of crossover between their two shows at the beginning of 2016. Since then, though, both sets of calendars have gotten even more full–but the idea still has appeal for the brothers. In fact, since they’re already in Texas for their newest special, Jonathan and Drew asked Chip and Joanna if they wanted to appear on the show. Unfortunately, the Gainses have their plates full filming Fixer Upper Season 5.

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The Property Brothers are coming soon to a movie theater near you
Jonathan and Drew already produce their own show. But they’re looking to expand their work behind the camera with no fewer than three screenplays–one of which was written by their father, Jim. With his sons’ encouragement (and the deadline they imposed), Jim wrote the script for “a film in which a cowboy is unjustly sent to prison and struggles to adapt to a changed world upon his release.”

And the Property Brothers themselves have written two movies: the first, which Jonathan says is “kind of like Hitch meets The Hangover,” is about “the life of a professional ‘hook up’ artist as he discovers his own loneliness through the romantic misery of others.”

The final one may sound familiar to viewers: It’s “about a band of brothers who come from a small-town upbringing with wholesome values.”

Their ambition is limited only by the number of hours in the day
If you’re a fan of Jonathan and Drew’s antics, you need to start shipping them some pep pills. Beyond all the projects they already juggle for HGTV, they’re also interested in producing and starring in their own talk show. Apparently, “several big broadcast networks” have approached them about the possibility, but there’s simply too much else going on for them to consider it right now.

Like, for example, Brother Vs. Brother Season 5, which premieres Wednesday, May 31 at 9 PM on HGTV.

(Photo credits: Property Brothers via Instagram)

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