Property Brothers bar fight: Jonathan Scott proclaims innocence in North Dakota brouhaha

Property Brothers bar fight 2

It was a proper Property Brothers bar fight this past April in Fargo ND, as one half of the famous HGTV duo threw down with a handful of tavern employees while insisting on his right to stay past closing time. An Associated Press dispatch reports that Jonathan Scott became visibly irate when told it was closing time as he drank in a Fargo bar this past April 24. And, according to the police report, an employee of the bar said that when he tried to take Scott’s drink, Jonathan told him “Do you know who I am?”

After that, several other employees tried to escort Jonathan from the bar, but the Property Brothers fixture resisted them, a story that’s backed up by footage from the bar’s security camera. Then, when the employees were able to get Scott out the door, he somehow managed to find his way back inside–and the awkward fight continued, as he was escorted back out.

A spokesperson for Jonathan suggested that the whole battle has been misconstrued: Jonathan was only trying to diffuse a situation “between other people.” And, in any event, Fargo City Attorney Erik Johnson already announced that there’s insufficient evidence to charge Scott with a crime.

As for Jonathan himself, he addressed the Fargo Showdown with a heartfelt update on his Instagram page just a short while ago:


Property Brothers: Brother Vs. Brother just kicked off its new season, and airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on HGTV.  

(Photo credits: Property Brothers bar fight via Instagram)

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