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The hypnotic devolution of Slippin’ Jimmy McGill

Well, how did we get here? A prequel about the jive-talking attorney who follows Heisenberg straight down to hell always had to be about that one simple question. It turns out that the answers in Better Call Saul aren’t easy to come by. It’s a complicated path to a destination, a journey defined by the crux of choices made within the tempest of who our true selves are against a backdrop of how we’re perceived by those closest to us.

Is Saul Goodman real? Is he based on a real person?

Is Saul Goodman real? Is there a real-life person upon whom the legendary lawyer of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame is based? The answer is complicated, because there are so very many scurvy shyster lawyers in the world, and Saul is an amalgom of all their wonderful, horrible traits. But there are some real-life attorneys whose client list and courtroom manner bear striking resemblances to Saul Goodman, and we’ve got one of the best.

You can really call Saul Goodman

The Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul is a solid and engaging show all on its own. Part of the fun, other than the beautiful cinematography and Bob Odenkirk's nuanced performance as the slippery lawyer, are the little details available to experience the character outside of the boundaries of the show. If you itching for more Saul, you can watch his commercials, or even call his office on the phone.