Parents furious at 50 Cent for posting video mocking son with social anxiety disorder

Rapper 50 Cent thought it would be a good idea to post a video of himself making fun of an airport custodial worker who he assumed was high. It turns out the kid wasn’t high, that he suffers from a documented social anxiety disorder and now his parents are beyond pissed off about the whole ordeal. Warning: All of this will make your blood boil!

High school football player faces 69 counts of indecent exposure for yearbook prank


On a dare, Arizona high school student Hunter Osborn let all the things hang out in his football team’s yearbook photo. His junk somehow managed to make it all the way to print unnoticed, and now the young man is in trouble with the law. Find out the very serious nature of his charges and let us know if you think the young man’s actions warrant the backlash.

Catfish’s Ashley Sawyer has died at age 23


Ashley Sawyer, a cast member from the 2nd season of MTV’s Catfish, has died of unknown causes. MTV News verified that Sawyer passed away over the weekend in Alabama. Get statements from her sister and MTV, as well as Max Joseph’s reaction on the tragic news that comes just a couple of years after the news that the person she was looking for during her episode, Michael Fortunato, had died at age 26.

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VIDEO What is the Fixer Upper theme song? Music & lyrics for viral sensation ‘Home’

Fixer Upper book 2

The Fixer Upper theme song is one of the most quietly successful components of the whole show–but what’s the name of the song? And who sings it? Fortunately, we have those answers for you! Read on to find out exactly who’s responsible for the viral hit that brings in every Fixer Upper episode, and to see why it recently found a whole new audience!

Sinéad O’Connor tells cops that Arsenio Hall gave Prince drugs


Nothing compares to the outlandish things Sinéad O’Connor will say via social media. This time we’ve got an accusation that former 90’s talk show host Arsenio Hall, whom Sinéad called Prince’s and Eddie Murphy’s b**ch, supplied the late “Purple Rain” singer with drugs. She also accuses Hall of drugging her back in the day while warning that he better clean up his man cave because the police are coming!

How much does the Below Deck Mediterranean yacht cost to rent? Season 3’s Ionian Princess the pinnacle of luxury

How much does the Below Deck Mediterranean yacht cost 3

How much does the Below Deck Mediterranean yacht cost? More than almost anyone on earth can afford–fortunately, though, we have a new season of high seas antics to satiate our decadent cravings! Bravo’s Below Deck: Mediterranean is back with an all-new season, and an all-new boat: the Ionian Princess, a gleaming white yacht half a football field long and big enough for almost any party you can dream up. The price tag, however, might leave you breathless for all the wrong reasons…