Teresa Giudice RHONJ tagline animated gif 2016

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VIDEO My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 5 premieres July 17

MBFAGW My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 5 candy dress

Fresh on the sparkly heels of revealing they are bringing back Toddlers & Tiaras, TLC has announced their other controversial reality series featuring young ladies in over-the-top outfits is also returning as My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding Season 5 premieres on July 17. Here is the first preview trailer in which we see the […]

PHOTOS LPBW’s Matt Roloff documents neck surgery, 16-day recovery at hospital

Matt Roloff surgery_tn

Little People, Big World patriarch Matt Roloff recently had yet another surgery, this time on his neck, and the 54-year-old reality star documented his 16-day hospital stay for friends and fans on Facebook. Keep reading for photos and commentary from Matt from just before he went under right up until he was headed home!


Matt Baier explains son calling him an evil con man, says he and Amber Portwood are ‘doing well’


Amber Portwood’s much maligned fiance Matt Baier is no stranger to negative comments made about him, and the 45-year-old reality star’s usual response is no response at all. But, when an article came out yesterday in which his very own son called him “evil” and a “con man,” Matt felt he needed to speak out and explain why his son would say those things. Plus, Matt updates fans on his relationship with Amber and whether or not they still plan to get married in October.

UPDATE – The author of the Chris interview has responded to Matt’s claims, including the blatant claim that “Everything that Matt says is a lie.”

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Donald Trump host the 41st season NBC's 'Saturday Night Live ' Donald joins the cast in a few sketches.

Featuring: Donald Trump, Vanessa Bayer, Bobby Moynihan, Cecily Strong
Where: United States
When: 09 Nov 2015
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Farrah Abraham lists 1st flip house for $900k, or you can rent it for $6,200 a month

Farrah Abraham house flipping

Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham has been talking about getting into the house flipping game for a long time, and back in April she gave every indication that her recent Hollywood Hills townhouse purchase would be her first flip. Farrah followed through and recently relisted the revamped property for $899,995. It is also listed as a potential rental for $6,200 a month, which includes the priceless bonus of having Farrah as your landlord! Keep reading for all the details on the property, including a break down on how much money Farrah stands to make on the flip.