Brook and Vicki

REPORT Vicki Gunvalson now believes ex Brooks Ayers lied about cancer

he biggest storyline of season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County–by far–revolves around whether or not Brooks Ayers has cancer. The second-biggest story line is whether or not Vicki knows the truth. According to a new report, Vicki has seen the light and now believes Brooks has been faking cancer all along. Read on for all the details!

Charlie Sheen porn star Kacey Jordan turns to prostitution to buy drugs on Drugs Inc

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 6.15.04 PM

Porn star Kacey Jordan witnessed the destructive party binge that sent Charlie Sheen into the headlines in 2011. Since her days in the spotlight due to her association with Charlie Sheen’s meltdown, Kacey Jordan has seen her porn roles dry up, filed for bankruptcy, and is now deep in the throes of a powerful drug addiction. […]

PHOTOS Jenelle Evans and friend Tori Rhyne suffer gruesome facial injuries

Jenelle Evans TN

What happened?! Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans had to get stitches on her chin after a fall this weekend, although she said she can’t remember the specifics of it. To make matters even more complicated, Jenelle initially shared the photo along with one of BFF Tori displaying a black eye. (Warning: Graphic photos included.)

PHOTO Texas textbook photo calls slaves ‘workers’

Worker slaves 1

A Texas-based textbook publisher is under fire and promising to make revisions after an image of one of its book’s sections on slavery went viral. What’s the controversy? The Texas textbook photo refers to slaves as “workers”–a whitewashing that’s prompted ire from a number of sources. Read on for the original photo, and a bevy of reactions.