Lance Armstrong admits he would dope all over again if given the chance

Lance TN

After winning the Tour De France 7 consecutive times and becoming one of the world’s most famous and admired athletes, Lance Armstrong quickly fell from grace after admitting to using performance enhancing drugs. It’s been two years since his last interview, and Lance is finally sitting down for a one-on-one in which he confesses to some pretty startling admissions. Read on to get all the details.

Old Bruce and Kris Jenner workout videos are my new favorite thing


A brief and awe-inspiringly dated clip from an early 1990s Bruce and Kris Jenner workout video titled “PowerWalk Plus” found its way online and now it’s the only thing any of us can think about. Keep reading to watch the clip and see all the information we were able to gather on Kris and Bruce’s rather extensive foray into the world of workout videos!