LOVE DURING LOCKUP Is Dalton out? Dating girlfriend since 2017? Is he filming again?

Love During Lockup Haley's ex Dalton's new old girlfriend Christa

We have an update on Love During Lockup inmate Dalton, who was dating Haley (aka Cruella) during the first season of the show.

We previously reported that Dylan’s parole was “approved with completion of a program prior to release” on January 12, 2022. Despite getting the parole approval, the Texas Department of Corrections website still lists Dylan as being in the custody of James Bradshaw State Jail in Henderson.

However, rumors of Dalton’s release began to swirl online after a photo was posted in early June by a 26-year-old woman named Christa claiming to have been Dalton’s girlfriend since 2017! Here’s the photo followed by Christa’s caption:

Love During Lockup Dalton's girlfriend Christa

From 2017 to now, we’ve been through it but I never knew what love was till I found you ❤️💯

Despite the recent date of the post, it’s clear from Dalton’s tattoos that the photo is old. The back of his hand shown in the photo now has a rose tattoo, as you can see in the photo at the top of this post. (Christa also has a similar rose tattoo on the back of her hand.)

This looks to be a photo from very early in their relationship, which would make sense given the caption celebrating how long ago they started dating.

The previous photo of Dalton posted by Christa on social media was in February of 2020. If he was currently released, there would likely be additional photos of the two of them together — especially since Christa is being so open about their relationship.

Were Dalton and Christa Together In 2017?

Christa claims that she and Dalton “have been through it” since 2017. Were they really together five years ago?!

This one is pretty easy to prove. Yes, Christa and Dalton were dating in 2017. Dalton tags her in a Facebook post in October of 2017. There is another photo posted by Dalton in October of 2017 which he captioned by seemingly expressing his gratitude for being out of jail. All of the comments on the photo have been deleted (or aren’t public) except one. “Christa don’t even process what this girl is saying. You know Dalton is yours. 😊”

It does appear that Dalton and Christa’s relationship over the years was a bit rocky. “Thankful For You. I Love You Babe!!!” Christa captioned an Instagram photo of herself and Dalton together in February of 2019. She later added: “Edit: WTF was I thinking????”

She and Dalton officially changed their Facebook status to being in a relationship with each other on May 27 of this year.

Dalton’s Mom Lisa Approves Of Christa

Haley paid a visit to Dalton’s mother, Lisa, on Love During Lockup and it was clear that Lisa was not the biggest fan of Haley — or Dalton for that matter. However, Lisa seems to be a big champion for Christa!

Lisa spends A LOT of time of Facebook, and has shared numerous positive comments on Christa’s posts over the past few months. When Christa made her relationship with Dalton official on May 27, Lisa wrote: “Don’t you make an adorable couple!”

“May I say how much I Love the posts you are posting now, my dear daughter in Love 2?” Lisa commented on June 10. “You are precious.”
Christa replied: “I love you 😍♥️🥹”

Could it be that Lisa was well aware of Dalton and Christa potentially being in a relationship when Haley came to visit her? That would certainly explain a lot in regards Lisa’s attitude and her reluctance to support Haley’s continued support (emotional and financial) of Dalton.

Is Dalton Filming Another Season of Love During Lockup?

Speaking of Dalton’s mother Lisa and her propensity for posting on Facebook, she shared a lengthy post on the site about Dalton’s appearance on the show just after the premiere and may have spilled some production tea.

“They still DO want to follow him when he gets out,” Lisa said of producers and her son. “With or without that relationship.”

Lisa is clearly stating that Love During Lockup (or potentially Love After Lockup) producers expressed interest in continuing to film Dalton whether he was with Haley or not. That would only be feasible if he was in another relationship.

There has been no actual evidence suggesting that Dalton and Christa are filming with WE tv, but it makes a lot of sense. Dalton did have a great screen presence, and the show already has production teams in central Texas documenting other Texas inmates. We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open for production clues!

Love During Lockup Dalton's girlfriend Christa arrest mug shot

Christa and Her Family’s Arrests

On Love During Lockup, Haley finds out from her attorney that Dalton may be using money given to him by Haley and funneling it to his “ex-girlfriend” — including money to bail her out of jail.

According to court and jail records, Christa has been behind bars several times since 2017. Her most recent charge was a misdemeanor theft charge in June of 2021. That could line up with Dalton and Haley filming last year.

I should note that Christa was on probation from a previous felony conviction for credit card abuse at the time of her June, 2021 arrest. Her probation period was extended from two years to three years, and she is now under community supervision until February of 2023.

Christa’s legal issues are NOTHING compared to those of her family members! A very rudimentary search for her brother, sister, dad and mom turned up close to 50 different booking photos! Her younger brother looks to have been friends with Dalton, and the two of them have similar arrest histories. (Which is astonishing given how extensive Dalton’s arrest history is and the fact that Christa’s brother is only 22 years old!)

Christa’s brother is currently listed as being in jail after being charged with drug possession, aggravated assault of a peace officer, and evading arrest earlier this month. Perhaps he should put together a Love During Lockup application for WE tv?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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