Jenelle Eason fired from Girl Sh#!t podcast, tries to crash bowling alley launch party

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans fired from Girl Sh_t podcast thanks in part to 90 Day Fiance's Deavan Clegg

Roughly 24 hours after disgraced former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason announced she was partnering with 19-ish other female influencers for her new “Girl S#!t” podcast project, she was fired thanks to the other participants being made aware that they were working with disgraced former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason.

Jenelle seemed to have learned a lesson from her numerous other business partnership implosions over the years by announcing the new Girl S#!t project just one day before the launch party. But, 24 hours was more than enough time for her devoted detractors to let the other women involved in the project know all about the things Jenelle and her husband David Eason have said and done over the years.

Reality television social media mogul John Yates spoke with Girl Sh#!tter and 90 Day Fiance star Deavan Clegg on Wednesday, and she told him she was unaware of the Easons’ rather unsavory history.

“Deavan told me she was hired to this podcast about a month ago,” John says of his phone conversation. “Deavan wasn’t aware of Jenelle’s backstory, like about the dog murdering,” he adds. “She didn’t research her…She did not know about Jenelle’s past…when Deavan brought it up to the powers that be and voiced her concern, as well as the other people on the podcast who voiced their concerns about Jenelle’s checkered past, that was enough for Jenelle to get fired. So, in a way, you can say that it was Deavan.”

The firing took place just hours before the launch event being held at an upscale bar and bowling alley in Chattanooga. The girl S#!t Instagram account alerted their followers that Jenelle would not be present at the launch party:

Girl Sh_t podcast Jenelle Evans fired

John says that Jenelle was told not to attend the event, but she and her husband crashed the party anyways. Jenelle was able to get into the public area of the venue, but she was denied entry into the VIP section where the actual shindig was taking place.

Jenelle shared a couple TikTok videos from inside the venue with David. The two apparently tried to save the evening by ordering some drinks and appetizers.


Reply to @natalle_1202 I’m just a producer… don’t ask me. 😭😅

♬ original sound – Jenelle Evans

“You know the cancel culture s#!t? That’s basically why,” Jenelle says in the video above. “So yeah, um, I’m gonna sip this drink. Oh s#!t I’m out. I need more. But, uh, you guys enjoy yourself at the party. I hope you’re having a great time because you’re not even talking to each other!” Jenelle cackles awkwardly as the clip ends.

Jenelle shared a clip on Instagram that included David:

Jenelle took the time to respond to a couple comments, including ones in reference to Jenelle’s claim that she was co-producer of Girl S#!t:

COMMENT: Did you quit the project??

COMMENT: Got fired.

JENELLE: Lmfao I’m the producer 😂 can’t fire me sorry.

COMMENT: Wait. I thought you were the one who created the Girl Sh*t stuff?

JENELLE: Lmfao I thought so too but apparently we need some time for everyone to figure out their roles.

I am guessing when the dust settles, Jenelle’s role will be “Executed Producer.”

I checked the Instagram accounts for all of the Girl Sh#!tters and I didn’t see anything referencing Jenelle’s departure. It’s unclear at this time how long they plan to keep Girl S#!t around before inevitably closing up shop.

Getting back to Deavan’s account of how the Jenelle firing went down…

Claiming to be unaware of Jenelle’s history is a common theme among her numerous failed business partnerships over the years, and it often seems like a pretty valid excuse. Companies like PatPat Clothing and Blue Apron don’t have the time and resources to vet all of their affiliates. Venues hosting an event for one of Jenelle’s businesses (like a cosmetics launch party) would have no reason to think hosting such an event would cause any backlash. And even a rather bold marijuana dispensary company could be caught blindsided when the Easons scheduled a meet and greet pop-in event.

But, I don’t understand how Deavan could have been working on this project for a month without being aware of Jenelle and David’s history? It’s not like you have to put much effort into finding out — the couple’s antics have been making headlines worldwide for years.

Actually, Deavan and Jenelle apparently go way back. From a recent In Touch article promoting the Girl S#!t launch:

[Deavan] exclusively reveals she and Jenelle became friends by bonding over their shared experiences of being on reality TV in the past.

“Jenelle actually reached out to me roughly two years ago when I first was on 90 Day Fiancé, just to kind of be a friend. She knows how tough the reality world can be and just kind of prepared me for it in the sense and what to expect when it comes to reality TV,” Deavan tells In Touch. “We kept in touch here and there throughout the years and she messaged me about the project and I was like, ‘It sounds like so much fun. I think it’s a wonderful idea.’”

The producers of Girl Sh#!t can’t claim they didn’t know about Jenelle being radioactive in regards to publicity. The Chattanooga studio handling the podcast is the same one that worked with Jenelle and David on their series of parenting videos last year. That project lasted about as long as Jenelle’s involvement with Girl S#!t.

Regardless, this whole debacle must have been a crushing blow for Jenelle. She is acting cocky and brash online (as always), but I can’t imagine what it was like putting all that time and effort into something like this just to be booted hours before the launch party. I’m not sure what all she did over the past month(s), but this week she traveled to Tennessee, shot numerous videos, and conducted multiple interviews. And she spent all day Wednesday getting ready for the event.

Ouch. That’s some real Girl S#!t right there!

UPDATE – Deavan says she didn’t know much about Jenelle and David when she agreed to do Girl S#!t and that she was “disgusted” and “in tears” when she finally did the research. Meanwhile, “producer” Jenelle continues to insist she wasn’t fired. Click here for all the latest!

Here is the full video with John Yates and Teen Mom Trash Talk podcast host Tracey Carnazzo spilling the tea on Jenelle being Girl S#!t upon:

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