BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Ex-wife Allison Moon accuses Geoffrey Paschel of reselling prescription opiates, using his children as a ‘cover’ or ‘mule’

90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days Geoffrey Paschel's 3rd wife assuses him of selling prescription opiates in court documents

Our coverage of controversial new 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel continues as we take a peek at his second marriage/second divorce and the contentious custody battle for the couple’s son.

Geoffrey and his second wife, Allison Moon, married on January 1, 2007. Allison was 21 at the time, and Geoffrey was eight years older at 29. The couple was married just over five years when they welcomed a son on January 23, 2012.

[NOTE: This article originally used an alternate name for Allison to protect her identity. However, Allison later publicly testified during Geoffrey Paschel’s sentencing in February, 2022. After her testimony, this post was updated to include her real name.]

The couple separated less than two years later on August 27, 2013. Allison filed for divorce on September 30 of that year, and the divorce was finalized June 18, 2014. There are no details as to the specific issues that caused the couple’s split, but Allison did claim that Geoffrey was guilty of “inappropriate marital conduct” in the divorce filing. (Allison later provided affidavits in support of Geoffrey’s current estranged wife Brittany’s custody battle in which she alleges that Geoffrey “physically and psychologically abused” his children when they were together, according to the documents.)

Soon after the divorce, Allison relocated to Florida and she shared split custody of their son with Geoffrey, who was still living in Tennessee.

According to a lack of court documents to the contrary, the couple seemed to co-parent without much issue for the next two years. In February of 2016, Allison married a man in the US Army stationed in Seattle, Washington, and she filed papers announcing that she planned to move there. Geoffrey filed a petition protesting the relocation, stating that it violated the terms of the initial agreement, and he asked the court for primary custody. That ignited an acrimonious custody battle that has gone on for years, and has yet to be resolved.

At the center of the most recent disputes between Geoffrey and Allison are her concerns for their son’s safety while in his dad’s care. As part of a permanent parenting plan that was signed by both parties and a judge in September of 2017, there was a stipulation requiring that Geoffrey sign a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant release that “shall entitle Mother to all of Father’s medical and prescription records from any source, including but not limited to his prescriptions for opiate medication. Father shall provide Mother with a list of all his prescribing doctors, pain clinics, and the pharmacies where he fills his prescriptions.”

It goes on to state that if Geoffrey fills a prescription, Allison can ask for a hair follicle test to make sure he actually took the drugs. Yes, you read that correctly: a court-mandated drug test to make sure the person IS taking drugs. Allison says the addendum stipulation was added to insure that Geoffrey “was no longer selling opiate medication.”

The stipulation also states that if Allison finds out that Geoffrey was having his prescription filled at more than one pharmacy, indicating duplicative filling of the same prescription, she can suspend visitation immediately and “seek appropriate remedies in the appropriate court.”

Geoffrey refused to agree to the HIPAA release after signing the parenting plan, which set off a series of motions and counter-motions. He would eventually have the parenting plan thrown out due to Allison’s attorney error of filing a final plan with the court that was different than what was sent to Geoffrey and his attorney.

On November 21, 2017, before the plan was tossed by the judge, Allison submitted a motion to suspend Geoffrey’s co-parenting time. The filing states that he refused to sign off on the HIPAA release and adds: “Plaintiff has learned from a third party that Defendant is currently selling opiate medication.”

Roughly a year later, the matter was still unresolved. Allison and her attorney filed a Motion for Protective Order to insure that any information obtained from the subpoenaed prescription drug facilities would remain confidential, but Geoffrey refused to sign off on that as well.

From the Motion for Protective Order filing:

Mother has taken the position that Father should not have co-parenting time with the parties’ son because he is a danger to the child due to his practice of selling opiate medication and historic involvement of his children as a ‘cover’ or ‘mule’ in his illegal activities.

…Mother has issued a series of subpoenas intended to obtain information from various pain clinics and pharmacies from which Father has obtained multiple and duplicative prescriptions for opiate medication, which is material proof in support of Mother’s allegations.

The Protective Order motion included an excerpt of Geoffrey’s deposition in the case. During the deposition, Allison’s attorney tried to get Geoffrey to answer questions about his bank statements and tax filings, but the judge questioned what that information had to do with the case. Allison’s attorney’s response:

Because I can establish that he has a bunch of unreported income that went into his bank statements, Your Honor, in big, round numbers that — that approximate same time as those prescriptions were filled. It’s offered for purpose of impeachment.

This interaction occurred after Geoffrey was asked about his 2016 tax returns and whether or not he reported that he had a total income of just $13,940. Geoffrey managed to dodge the question, just like pretty much every other question that was included in the deposition excerpt attached to the filing. Geoffrey pleaded the Fifth numerous times in the excerpt, including when he was asked what crime(s) he had been convicted of.

“You can’t plead the Fifth on that,” the judge instructed him.

“I honestly — to be honest with you, I don’t recall what it was,” Geoffrey then replied. “I think it was possession. But it had nothing to do with opiate medications, so that’s — that’s a fact.” It sounds like Geoffrey needs to read our post about his criminal history for a refresher!

Geoffrey and Allison’s custody case is ongoing. The only filing I have after January of 2019 is an order allowing Geoffrey’s attorney to no longer represent him. As a result, it’s unclear how Geoffrey’s June, 2019 arrest and resulting felony charges of kidnapping, assault, and more will impact the custody battle. That arrest resulted in Geoffrey losing temporary custody of his son with his current estranged wife Brittany.

So far, TLC has yet to announce that they have cut Geoffrey from the cast of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 4, which is set to premiere on February 23. Geoffrey will be flying off to Russia to meet his online girlfriend Varya on the show.

While you wait for the Season 4 premiere, or our next installment of The Geoffrey Paschel Files, here are some excerpts from Geoffrey’s deposition. Ms. Held is representing Allison. When “Q” is used, the conversation is between Allison’s attorney and Geoffrey. If “MS. HELD” is used, that indicates she is conversing with the judge, aka “THE COURT.” (For a list of links of all of our posts about Geoffrey, just scroll past the sparkling depo dialogue.)

THE COURT: Actually, what you asked him was: Is it not true that you have a history of selling opiates?
MS. HELD: Yes.
Q: Is it — and you deny that; correct?

GEOFFREY: That is 100 percent correct.
Q: My next question to you, then, just to make the record clear, do you have a history of filling — of obtaining prescriptions from more than one pain clinic at the same time?
GEOFFREY: I’m not — I plead the Fifth.

Q: Sir, looking at the subpoenas, the information, did you or did you not — were you or were you not a patient at Total Patient Care in Florida from April 30th, 2015 until September 30th, 2016?
GEOFFREY: Honestly, I couldn’t tell you.
Q: My mistake. Until December 21st, 2016. Do you deny that?

GEOFFREY: I’m pleading the Fifth.
MS. HELD: Your Honor, I didn’t ask him if he had committed a criminal act. I asked him if he was a patient at Total Patient Care from April 30th, 2015 until December 21st, 2016. That’s not asking him about a criminal act. I would ask the Court to instruct him to answer.
THE COURT: I cannot.
MS. HELD: I’ve never been through this before.
THE COURT: If he thinks it’s something that may implicate him, he can — he can take the Fifth Amendment. It is, of course, always, in a civil case, subject to negative inference in a civil case.

MS. HELD: Okay.
Q: And, sir, did you live at [street address] at any period from April 30th, 2015 until December 21st, 2016?
GEOFFREY: I invoke my Fifth Amendment right.

Q: Sir, did you fill any prescriptions at Food City Pharmacy from August 26th, 2016 until January 11th, 2017 for either oxycodone or morphine?
GEOFFREY: I — I don’t even know, but I invoke my Fifth Amendment right.
Q: All right. And during that same time period or an Overlapping time period, sir, did you ever fill prescriptions for oxycodone or morphine in Florida?
GEOFFREY: I — I invoke my Fifth Amendment right.

Q: (Tenders document.) Sir, your testimony, again, just to keep track of where we are, is that you have not earned an income from the sale of opiate medication. Certainly you didn’t report any of that on your income tax return. We agree on that; correct?
Q: We agree on that?
GEOFFREY: The question answers itself. I didn’t sell — I didn’t sell any opiate medication, period.

Q: Okay. And on your income tax return for 2016 you reported that you had total income of $13,940. Do you recall that?
GEOFFREY: There’s actually a 1040X income tax return.
Q: Yes. I think I put it in front of you. Do you recognize that document?

GEOFFREY: That’s a 1040. There was a Form 1040X that was filed.
Q: Okay. Would you take a look at this document, sir, that —
THE COURT: Ms. Held, what does this have to do — what does this have to do with —
MS. HELD: Because I can establish that he has a bunch of unreported income that went into his bank statements, Your Honor, in big, round numbers that — that approximate same time as those prescriptions were filled. It’s offered for purposes of impeachment.

THE COURT: I do not see the relevance.
MS. HELD: Of his income tax return?
THE COURT: I do not see the relevance.
MS. HELD: Of the line of questioning or of the income tax return or —
THE COURT: The line of questioning.

MS. HELD: Okay. I need to get his income — that doesn’t need to float around.
THE BAILIFF: (Tenders document.)

Q: Sir, have you ever been convicted for drug trafficking?
GEOFFREY: I was convicted of something back 18 years ago, but I’m not sure it was drug trafficking.
Q: Was it in the state of Texas?
GEOFFREY: I was — it was either Arkansas or Texas, but I don’t recall.

Q: Do you recall being convicted of a felony in the state of Texas?
Q: I’ll just ask you, what do you think you were convicted of in the state of Texas?
GEOFFREY: I wasn’t convicted of anything in the state of Texas, actually. I — I don’t have a criminal record whatsoever in the state of Texas.

Q: You don’t have — are you a convicted felon, sir?
GEOFFREY: I — I am, yes.
Q: Okay. And what do you say you’re convicted of?
GEOFFREY: I — I plead the Fifth.

THE COURT: You can’t plead the Fifth on that.
GEOFFREY (To the Judge): I honestly — to be honest with you, I don’t recall what it was. I think it was possession. But it had nothing to do with opiate medications, so that’s — that’s a fact.
MS. HELD: (Examines documents.) I’m sorry, Your Honor. There’s a lot to proving somebody’s not telling the truth.


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