Why do fans want Geoffrey Paschel removed from Before the 90 Days? Full controversy recap & clarification

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel this season as numerous abuse allegations from his exes have surfaced online, including an arrest in June stemming from an altercation with his girlfriend. As we were the first to report, at least three of Geoffrey’s four wives (including his current estranged wife) have made abuse allegations against him in court documents. We’ve also reported on Geoffrey’s criminal history, which includes his June arrest and the still-pending charges of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency call, and vandalism.

The controversies surrounding Geoffrey have many fans of the show upset at TLC and producers for casting Geoffrey, especially since it appears that he filmed after his June arrest. In addition to podcasts and other 90 Day Fiance recappers refusing to talk about his segments, there his also a petition on Change.org demanding that Geoffrey be removed from the network. The petition has already garnered more than 3,000 signatures, as well as the attention of numerous media outlets like People.

Geoffrey himself has reacted to the backlash on social media, calling the stories about him “silly” and insisting that the “truth” will come out eventually. (Geoffrey’s posts are included at the bottom of this article.)

The publicity surrounding the petition, combined with the deluge of negative comments about Geoffrey on social media, have many fans new to the controversies curious about why everyone is so upset about him being on the show. I’ve noticed quite a bit of misinformation being spread about Geoffrey, so I wanted to put together a clear recap of the facts — including Geoffrey’s responses.

I will begin with an important clarification in Geoffrey’s favor: I have found no evidence that Geoffrey has ever been convicted of a domestic violence charge. There are LOTS of allegations, but no convictions. That could change later this month, however, as he is scheduled to be back in court for the charges stemming from the incident in June.

Next, there are some things mentioned on the Change.org petition that I also want to clarify.


PETITION: “During the time he was convicted of dealing opiates he was accused of bringing his children along to his drug deals.”

CLARIFICATION: I have not been able to confirm that Geoffrey’s drug conviction involved opiates. I am currently working on getting more details on his drug conviction, but I will share what I have found out.

As referenced in our criminal history timeline for Geoffrey, he was arrested in September of 1997 and charged with simple possession of a schedule VI controlled substance, possession of a schedule II controlled substance with intent to resell, and possession of a schedule I controlled substance with intent to resell. In May of 2000, Geoffrey was facing a charge of “possession with the intent to distribute cocaine hydrochloride, a schedule II narcotic controlled substance.”

Jumping ahead a few years, here is an excerpt from a divorce filing from December of 2004:

In July of 2003, [Geoffrey] was released from federal prison in which he was incarcerated for numerous drug and firearm charges. At the time of his arrest he had in his possession, five pounds of marijuana, two ounces of cocaine, $15,000, and a firearm. Having spent almost three years in the federal prison [Geoffrey] is at this time still on probation.

I am assuming that the petition mentioning Geoffrey selling opiates and “bringing his children along to his drug deals” is in reference to documents filed in Geoffrey’s custody battle with his third wife over their son. Here are a couple excerpts of his ex’s allegations from the filing:

Mother has taken the position that Father should not have co-parenting time with the parties’ son because he is a danger to the child due to his practice of selling opiate medication and historic involvement of his children as a ‘cover’ or ‘mule’ in his illegal activities.

…Mother has issued a series of subpoenas intended to obtain information from various pain clinics and pharmacies from which Father has obtained multiple and duplicative prescriptions for opiate medication, which is material proof in support of Mother’s allegations.

Given that Geoffrey was in prison from roughly 2001-2003, I don’t think he had children old enough to be used in the commission of the crimes that resulted in his incarceration. I believe those allegations were in reference to his alleged activities in the years after his release.

PETITION: “He has a total of four ex wives and three of them have accused him of rape.”

CLARIFICATION: I can only find record of Geoffrey having three ex-wives. He has been married four times and is still legally married to his fourth wife. As far as the rape allegations, his second ex-wife is the only one that I am aware of that has accused him of rape. Two of his other ex-wives have accused him of domestic abuse, but not rape — to my knowledge.

Geoffrey’s second ex-wife alleged in court documents that he “repeatedly raped” her. She also claimed that Geoffrey attacked her multiple times during their marriage, including one instance involving a shotgun and another with a knife held to her throat.


You can find a full list of our articles about Geoffrey at the bottom of this page, but here is a very brief recap:

• Geoffrey was arrested in June of 2019 after an altercation with his American girlfriend and is currently facing charges of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, interference with emergency call, and vandalism. His girlfriend filed for an order of protection in which she shared her account of what happened. Here is an excerpt:

He repeatedly bashed/slammed my head into the hardwood floors of my home. He dragged me through the house by my hair and continued throwing my body into walls and furniture. (I know this because of blood on my walls, furniture, etc. Also, the couch was overturned and the kitchen table was moved several feet.) I screamed for him to stop multiple times. This went on for approximately 30 minutes.

• On the way to the police station after his June arrest, additional restraints had to be applied to Geoffrey twice. From the police report:

While in custody, the arrestee attempted to kick out the windows of the patrol vehicle. Officers removed the arrestee from the vehicle and applied leg restraints. The arrestee made further attempts to damage the patrol vehicle while his legs were restrained. The arrestee was removed from the vehicle again and further restrained.

• Three of Geoffrey’s four wives have accused him of abuse in court documents.

• Geoffrey has a rather extensive criminal history that not only includes drug charges, but also multiple theft charges and convictions.

• Geoffrey has had multiple protection orders taken out against him by multiple women, including one ex-girlfriend we haven’t posted about yet.


Clearly, TLC and 90 Day Fiance producers have demonstrated in the past that they are willing to feature cast members with criminal backgrounds, including those with a history of domestic violence. To be honest, I personally do not have a big issue with that. But what is so astonishing about Geoffrey’s casting is that he apparently filmed for the show with a pending domestic violence case. And remember, Before the 90 Days is about people who are dating remotely meeting in person for the first time.

I want to point out that Geoffrey’s initial charge was misdemeanor domestic assault. I do not know when the charges were amended to include the additional counts, including the felony charges. So, it is possible that he was facing just the misdemeanor count when he filmed. (That might also help explain why he was able to fly to Russia. I’m unsure of the laws in Tennessee, but I know having pending felony charges often means you cannot leave the country.)

I’ve been reporting on the misdeeds of reality stars for more than a decade now, and I am quite simply astonished that producers elected to leave Geoffrey on the show. They should have at least edited him out until the current case was resolved one way or the other. I also find it odd that People did an article about the petition to remove Geoffrey from the show and they never even mentioned the pending charges?

The only way that I can make sense of TLC’s decision is if his June arrest is brought up on the show and is a major component of his story. A big part of Geoffrey’s segments so far has been him openly wondering how Varya will react when she finds out about his criminal past. That story line has been further teased with Varya’s friends expressing their concerns for her safety after she reveals that she plans to stay in the same hotel room with Geoffrey after he arrives in Moscow.

Varya seemed to confirm that their story will involve some sort of negative reveal about Geoffrey on Instagram. She shared a post about the new season and someone replied by saying of Geoffrey: “He’s perfect.” Varya responded by revealing: “You will be surprised by him.”

Regardless of whether or not Geoffrey’s domestic assault arrest is brought up on the show, there’s simply no way that producers or those in casting could plausibly deny knowledge of the arrest. We know that producers do background checks on potential cast members, and it’s really hard to imagine a recent arrest not turning up — not to mention all of the allegations made by his ex-wives. And if producers did know about Geoffrey’s arrest, that means they willingly allowed Varya to meet with him anyway?


A local news station caught up with Geoffrey outside the courthouse in January after his arraignment for his pending charges. He insisted that he wasn’t guilty and “said he thinks his ex-girlfriend’s claims intentionally coincided with his pending child custody case involving his estranged wife,” reported Knox News. “It’s all about child custody,” Geoffrey said. [I want to point out that Geoffrey’s pending charges are from an altercation with his ex-girlfriend. The two do not share a child that I am aware of.]

Geoffrey has been quite active on social media ever since the first preview trailer revealed that he would be featured this season. His activity includes a YouTube video recorded at the grave of his son Kazhem, who tragically passed away in March of 2018 at just 13 months old. It also includes a series of Instagram posts and comments addressing his past misdeeds and the negative things being said about him, albeit very vaguely.

Geoffrey reacts to our coverage specifically on Instagram after @90DayFiancenow shared a series of allegations against him posted on reddit. The allegations looked to be nearly identical to the allegations from the petition, with a few additions. We replied offering clarifications for some of the “minor errors” in the list, many of which are included above. Geoffrey replied with the following: “@starcasmnet the idea that you take your ‘stories’ as fact is just as ludicrous as these supposed ‘minor errors’. You’ll see soon enough though…”

Before I get to a recap of Geoffrey’s other comments on social media, let me just say that I stand behind my reporting on this case. The articles are based on court and police records, and they are completely factual to the best of my knowledge. I have presented any and all allegations against Geoffrey that have not been proven as exactly that: allegations. The allegations may not be true, but the fact that all of these women have made the allegations certainly is — at least according to court documents.

I also want to add that I have spoken to sources, but all of the documentation I have used for my articles was obtained directly from the courts or respective police departments. If there was pertinent negative information about the women making the allegations included in the documents I received (such as the charge of child abuse against Geoffrey’s second wife), I included that in the articles.

Here is a timeline of some of Geoffrey’s posts in regards to his past and the controversy surrounding his appearance on the show:

DECEMBER 21: It seems like only yesterday that I was graduating from high school. Fast forward to today, I’ve come so far from what I was given. I fought tooth and nail and made so many crazy decisions throughout my life so far. Not all of them were good ones, but ultimately they made me who I am today. I am thankful for the experiences-all of them (exception to one in particular). I am certain they made me a better person. Now, if I can just slow it down…time is flying by.

COMMENT: Life definitely dealt me some sh*t cards in my deck as well. But I’ve regained power and control of life, so that we can enjoy what time we are allowed here on mother earth. Time flies when you’re having fun so let the good times roll!!!

GEOFFREY: I suppose sh*t cards are part of the game. I just continue to roll with the punches and let the masses formulate their own drama. I can’t help roll my eyes at most of it…so yes, keep having fun 🙂

JANUARY 15: In this crazy, PC, #woke world, just be yourself. Everything will workout and the world will continue to spin (?). Patience is key to success and for the truth. Fun times are always ahead…

FEBRUARY 23: Annnnnd the day has come. I have to say it’s kind of bitter sweet in way. I’ve enjoyed some semi-anonymity most of my life, but as we all know, recently I have garnered some, well lots, of attention (be patient, the truth is much better than the silly clickbait stories). 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is going to tell my story. It’s my story of looking for love far from any normal reach. It’s a story of nervousness, excitement, adventure, and lots of other things I can’t say all wrapped up into one big bundle.

Varya and I took a chance…this chance was either a hit or miss. It is either ❤️ or ? stay tuned every week and enjoy our story and see for yourself where things will end…or continue 😉

Tune into TLC at 8:00pm Eastern or check your local listings!

FEBRUARY 25: I hear and see what is being said out there and it affects me tremendously. I want to add to the minuscule information that is being twisted, but I don’t want to react, but instead, I want to respond. Emotions are high and they are rightfully so based on the clickbait being sold as truth. I am fine with the truth, in fact, I am great with it. But it has yet to be told. To preserve a just outcome and continue forward, I have to refrain…for now. I promise to enlighten when I can and the present is not the time. All I hear is noise…just constant noise right now…

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. I can’t say it any better…

Stay tuned peeps…the best is yet to come.

MARCH 1: I have been repeatedly asked why I would EVER want to be on a show (the best show FYI) where my life would be put in front of everyone to pick apart—especially with my checkered past. Well, guys, it is MY past. It is MY life. It is MY choice. If we were all the same: thought the same, looked the same, or acted the same, how lame would that be?

My closed-up life was the only way I knew to live. I hid so much about myself—whether it be my age, my history, or even my relationships. What crazier, whacked up way could I have done it any better than blasting out there? With the path I chose, it cannot EVER be reversed. Everything about me is out there for the world to see, whether it is true or fantasy. I can never go back, and honestly, I would not have it any different.

I have realized who my “people” are and, opposingly, who only want to hold me down and set me back. Luckily, I NOW have a strong support system via mostly complete strangers who have lifted me up SO high and have shared their love. Here is to finding MY light and new beginning at the other end of the tunnel! When things no longer work, find YOUR tunnel! See you tonight as I start my new quest to the other side of the world…I love you guys-always do YOU!


COMMENT: I think it takes a brave person to share a past that not all would approve of. We can’t change our past, all we can do is a live a better life going forward. Good luck to you. I hope you found love and that your heart can heal from your losses.

GEOFFREY: Thank you…I have come to terms with it and steaming forward.


A complete list of our article about Geoffrey with titles, links, and a brief synopsis of each:

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Geoffrey Paschel is still married, wife says he abused her, she took their kids to Canada
Information on the bitter split between Geoffrey and his estranged current wife Brittany Paschel, including her taking their two children illegally and running off to Canada. Brittany also accused Geoffrey of abuse, and court documents indicate that Geoffrey’s third wife provided an affidavit to support Brittany with allegations of her own.

Geoffrey Paschel lost custody of son, more details from 2019 domestic assault arrest
After Geoffrey’s arrest in June, Brittany filed for (and got) custody of their son. Post includes additional details about Geoffrey’s arrest from the police report, including the fact that additional restraints had to be applied to Geoffrey multiple times after he attempted to kick out the windows of a police vehicle after being placed in custody.

Geoffrey Paschel’s 2nd ex-wife says he ‘repeatedly raped’ her in divorce filing, plus more abuse allegations
Details on the allegations made by Geoffrey’s second wife during their divorce, including her claim that he “repeatedly raped” her. There is also information from her order of protection filed against him in which she alleges that Geoffrey attacked her multiple times during their marriage, including one instance involving a shotgun and another with a knife held to her throat.

Geoffrey Paschel shares video at son’s grave, offers grief coping advice
Geoffrey shares a video on YouTube recorded at the grave of his son Kazhem, who tragically passed away in March of 2018 at just 13 months old. The video is titled “How to Manage The Loss Of A Child,” and it includes Geoffrey’s thoughts on his son’s passing and coping with the grief.

Geoffrey Paschel criminal history timeline
We continue our in-depth coverage of controversial 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star Geoffrey Paschel by moving on from the numerous allegations of domestic abuse made against him by his wives and girlfriend and taking a look at his other arrests.

Ex-wife accuses Geoffrey Paschel of reselling prescription opiates, using his children as a ‘cover’ or ‘mule’
We take a peek at Geoffrey’s third marriage/third divorce and the contentious custody battle for the couple’s son. Geoffrey’s ex references numerous allegations against him in court documents, including “his practice of selling opiate medication and historic involvement of his children as a ‘cover’ or ‘mule’ in his illegal activities.”

Geoffrey Paschel played The BTK Serial Killer for Snapped on Oxygen
Geoffrey Paschel is no stranger to the small screen. Before making his reality show debut with TLC, Geoffrey compiled a pretty extensive acting resume, including a role as one of America’s most infamous serial killers.

Geoffrey Paschel assault & kidnapping case delayed, plus 2011 protection order revealed

Update on Geoffrey’s assault and kidnapping case. Plus, a 2011 police report reveals that another of Geoffrey’s ex-girlfriends had an order of protection filed against him at the time.

Before the 90 Days Geoffrey & Varya update and Tell All spoilers
Geoffrey and Varya reportedly did not participate in the Before the 90 Days Couples Tell All special after TLC did not invite him. A reliable source says that TLC did extend an invitation to Varya, but she told the network that if Geoffrey couldn’t participate, then she wouldn’t either. The special was filmed remotely during the first weekend in May.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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