EVIL LIVES HERE ‘He should have died sooner’ – Killer George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers thinks he may have killed more people

George Yzaguirre’s ex-wife Jennifer Meyers says he took his secrets to the grave in Season 12, Episode 1 of Evil Lives Here. Although he was convicted of killing two of his friends in 2020, Jennifer believes he could have killed more people and she thinks she could have been his next target.

How George Yzaguirre and Jennifer Meyers met

George was Jennifer’s neighbor at her apartment complex, and was well-known as “the weed guy.” Jennifer’s ex had gone to jail and she was about to get her locks changed when George knocked on her door.


George told Jennifer that he always wondered why she was even with her ex, which flattered Jennifer. He would love-bomb her and dote on her, including cooking for her. According to Jennifer, he always knew what to say to make her feel safe and comfortable. He would even answer the phone when her ex called and told him to leave her alone.

Unfortunately, George ended up being worse than her ex.

More and more control

After less than a month of dating, George wanted Jennifer to move in with him and quit her fast-food job. She felt like maybe she was moving in with him too soon, especially since he was responsible for the rent. However, she decided to go ahead with the situation so she could save money. Looking back, she wished she had not give up her independence.

George tasered her cats

The first sign of trouble was George’s annoyance with Jennifer’s cats. One day Jennifer came home from work and found George tasing one of her cats.

He tried to argue that the taser wasn’t hurting the cats, and offered to tase her. He also argued that the cats didn’t belong inside and they should be released into the woods. Jennifer begged him to let her keep the cats inside, but he made her feel like he was going to kick her out if she didn’t get rid of her cats.

Jennifer let her cats go and now wants to believe that someone else took them in. In the end, she feels like she saved the cats’ lives by letting them go because she feels George would have killed them if she had kept them.

After Jennifer obeyd George and got rid of her cats, he got her a puppy, which she says “melted her heart.” For a while, their relationship felt like it did in the beginning.

Slicing bean bags

George had a large collection of knives and would play with one of them often like a fidget toy. Jennifer didn’t think a lot about it because her brother also liked knives.

One day, however, he got angry at his job at a beanbag factory and sliced a bunch of beanbags. George reassured her that “no one saw” him destroy the beanbags so he wasn’t going to be punished.

George’s drinking escalated

Jennifer found some direction in life at a pet store. They paid for her to get certified in pet nutrition, so she felt proud of how her life was going. George, however, didn’t want her to get ahead in life.

He would mutter things under his breath telling her to shut up, or threatening to strangle her. Jennifer feels like she saved herself by being agreeable and quiet when she felt threatened.

George sought revenge on his boss

George started plotting against his employer after he received a $100 bonus at a party. He told his plan to a friend, and they left, presumably to go rob the boss’s house while he was still at the party.

When he came back, he had a stack of money. Jennifer thinks George somehow robbed his boss’s safe that night.

George’s many lives

Jennifer thinks George had more than even two lives. Sometimes he would stay in a hotel for days without explanation and would come back with a lot of money.

Jennifer thinks he started selling harder drugs than weed. One time he was happy because he said a guy who was “stepping on his toes” was no longer a problem.

When Jennifer further questioned him about this, George told her to mind her own business. George would often justify robbing drug dealers because “they weren’t good for society.”

Jennifer was suspicious of what happened to this guy, so she looked to the news to find out if there had been a murder. She doesn’t know if he ever killed other drug dealers, but she believes that he killed at least one.

George pressured Jennifer into marriage

George and Jennifer got married in 2011, after four years. He didn’t propose to her, instead he simply told her that it was going to happen. Jennifer says she felt social pressure to get married even though she never really wanted to.

George wanted a black, gothic wedding on Halloween. Jennifer asked for a compromise, so they got a black and white wedding. At the time, he was going to AA, and Jennifer thought that maybe he was turning around. She was also under the illusion that marriage would improve his behavior. Instead, his behavior deteriorated after vows.

Teardrop tattooed

Soon after the wedding, George got two teardrop tattoos under one of his eyes. Teardrop tattoos can represent many things, but they can also indicate lives that someone took.

Jennifer straight out asked George if he had killed someone, and George denied it. He said they were for his friends who died in the military. He told her that he had waited until after the wedding to get them so they wouldn’t be in the wedding pictures.

George told his wife that he didn’t care if people saw the tattoos and thought he was a murderer. When a gas station attendant asked him if he killed people, George asked him if he wanted to be a “third one,” which surprised Jennifer because he didn’t deny that he had killed people.

Jennifer says she continued to stay with George after the teardrop tattoos because she felt stuck in the situation and feared for her life.

Killer bar fight

One night Jennifer saw a deadly bar fight on the news at the bar George had been drinking at. Someone was stabbed during a brawl that came outside of the bar. Because it was so chaotic, it was unclear who had stabbed the man who died.

George told Jennifer that he didn’t see or know what happened. He got angry and told her to turn off the news stories.

David Isner moved in

One day his friend David Isner moved in with George and Jennifer. David was going through a breakup and his rent money helped out George and Jennifer financially.

Jennifer described David as very sweet and generous. Soon, David started getting involved with George and Jennifer’s fights. Whenever George and David argued, David was usually the one who backed down.

Jennifer saw David as her best friend because he was often sticking up for her.

Jennifer eventually left

George got more and more upset as Jennifer worked a lot, especially when she started working at a safe house for women. While working there, Jennifer realized that maybe she should be in a safe house too.

Soons he moved out of the apartment to her sister’s. She left her dog, though with George and David. George owed Jennifer a bit of money for a phone bill she’d paid.

They met at an ATM and he had a pile of cards. He got more and more frustrated as none of them were working. She was surprised that he didn’t know you couldn’t steal people’s cards without a PIN number. Eventually, she got some money from George, but she fears it was stolen money. She also worries that the credit card victims were just stolen from, but were killed as well.

George’s disappearance

A month after the credit card incident, Jennifer couldn’t locate either George or David. George’s mom says she last saw him at Thanksgiving. He had a gun at the time, and seemed depressed.

Jennifer eventually heard from one of David’s friends that David was missing and George told him that David had “gone on a trip.” That’s when Jennifer wondered if something had gone wrong.

The crime scene

Jenifer called the police saying that her husband was missing and she needed to get her dog. The police asked her to meet at George’s apartment because it was a crime scene. Before she could go in to get her dog, they were going to search the apartment.

She also told the police that he sold drugs, robbed people, had a bad temper, and carried knives. Finally getting all that out took a huge weight off of Jennifer.

When they walked into the apartment, it smelled strongly of bleach. The living room was emptied out and the windows were open. The carpet had been cut out. Because George had cleaned so well, there wasn’t a lot of evidence left. Jennifer got her dog and left.

George admitted to killing two friends

The next day Jennifer found out what George had done on the news. He admitted that he’d stabbed David and someone else. He said that David said something that made him mad, so he waited for David to go to sleep. While he was sleeping, George stabbed David 71 times.

He had then killed another friend, Ed Fuller. He had stabbed Ed while trying to rob him. He then tried to use Ed’s credit cards.

George continued to contact Jennifer

While in jail George continued to call Jennifer, but she refused his call. He also tried to prevent Jennifer from divorcing him. He wrote her a letter telling her that he would always think of her, and she couldn’t prevent that.

In 2020 George Yzaguirre was given two life sentences. In May 2021 George killed himself in prison. Jennifer thinks he should have done this sooner to prevent his victims from being killed. She felt like him killing himself denied justice to his victims’ families. Still, she thinks he’s better off dead because the world is safer without him here.

Images via Investigation Discovery

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