1000 LB SISTERS Amy and Tammy’s grandfather was murdered by their uncle with antifreeze

Amy Slaton Halterman grandfather murder

In the latest episode of 1000 LB Sisters Amy Halterman revealed that her uncle murdered her grandfather.

Amy revealed the shocking news during a talking head interview while she was talking about how her brother Chris reminded her of her grandfather when he dressed up in farmer’s clothes to help her with yardwork.

In Episode 5 of Season 4 titled “Greatest Since Sliced Bread,” Amy said that her grandfather “drunk antifreeze and he passed away. My uncle fed it to him.”

Amy goes on to say that there is a book about the murder called Murder in the Heartlands: Volume 2. (affiliate link)

In 2015 Amy even wrote a review of the book on Amazon, giving it five stars. “Very sad book. My grandpa was one of the ch in it..” she wrote.

The book was written by Harry Spiller, a former small-town Illinois sheriff and investigator. The chapter on Amy’s grandfather is called “The Antifreeze Murder (Shawneetown, IL).” There’s an Investigation Discovery true crime show titled Murder in the Heartland, but it’s not affiliated with the book.

On November 6, 1986, Amy and Tammy’s grandfather Charles T. Ellis (61) fell ill after drinking iced tea. Because of the sweet taste of antifreeze, the tea was mostly sweetened to hide the taste.

He was immediately hospitalized, but died two weeks later. It was initially suspected that he had suffered a stroke, but evidence mounted that his son, Charles H. Ellis, had poisonied him with antifreeze. Charles Jr. was living with Charles Sr. at the time.

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