DEAD ASLEEP Randy Herman Jr is engaged! See fiancée Nicole’s ring, plus more details

Dead Asleep killer Randy Herman Jr is engaged to Nicole Ellen

Randy Herman, Jr. is currently serving a life sentence after brutally stabbing and killing his friend and roommate, Brooke Preston, in March of 2017. Randy claimed that he was sleepwalking during the attack and that he had no memory of it. His story was the subject of the 2021 Hulu documentary titled Dead Asleep.

Randy didn’t let his incarceration stand in the way of finding love. As we previously reported, Randy started dating a blonde woman named Nicole Ellen late last year. Not long after we shared our post about the couple dating, their relationship status changed.

On May 28, Nicole posted a TikTok video revealing that she and Randy Herman, Jr. are engaged! The video included several photos of Nicole wearing her ring and she captioned it by writing: “#prisontok♥️🔒 #prisongirlfriend #PassTheBIC looking like a whole fianceeee 🥹💍💗”

One of the images in the clip looks to be a message from Randy to Nicole that was written prior to his proposal, but received by Nicole after she said yes. Here’s the message, including the date and time:

5/28/2022 08:04 AM

I’m intentionally sending this late so you won’t read it until after you leave today. If everything went well, then you walked in as my girlfriend and left as my fiancée!

Even though I’m almost positive I know what your answer will be to my question, I’m more nervous today than I was the first time I met you! Knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing girl in the world is such an incredible feeling and I’ve truly never felt more blessed in my life.

I love you with all my heart Nicole and I can’t wait to make a lifetime of memories with you! <3

And here’s the original TikTok video:

@nicolellen_xo #prisontok♥️🔒 #prisongirlfriend #PassTheBIC ♬ original sound – Gavin Walsh

Multiple commenters openly wondered whether or not Nicole bought the ring for herself. “Don’t put money on his books for a month and see how it changes,” wrote one TikTok user. “Beautiful ring you bought yourself,” he added.
“I’ve actually never put money on his books, and I didn’t buy the ring 🤣 but thanks!” Nicole replied.

Nicole gets a Randy Herman tattoo

As if saying “yes” to marriage wasn’t enough, Nicole showed her love for Randy Herman, Jr. in yet another way — by getting a tattoo! Nicole shared a TikTok video clip while getting the tattoo earlier this week.

“When I said forever, I meant it,” Nicole captioned the video, adding this string of emoji and hash tags: “💗✨ #prisontok♥️🔒 #prisongirlfriend #prisonwife #foryou”

The tattoo features the name “Randy” written in script and it’s accompanied by a floral design. Nicole reveals in the comments that it is Randy’s birth flower.

Here’s the video and a screen cap:

@nicolellen_xo When I said forever, I meant it. 💗✨ #prisontok♥️🔒 #prisongirlfriend #prisonwife #foryou ♬ original sound – Songs I Never Want To Forget

Dead Asleep Sleepwalk Killer Randy Herman Jr fiancee's tattoo

Nicole answers questions about Randy Herman, Jr.

Nicole has been very open about her relationship with Randy Herman, Jr. In addition to the numerous TikTok posts with photos and videos of herself and Randy, she is very active in the comments section answering questions and responding to comments. I will included numerous examples of her interactions below, but first I wanted to address something stated in our previous article.

In our initial post about Nicole and Randy dating we included a transcript of a Valentine’s letter written by Randy for Nicole. In the letter, Randy writes “seven weeks is all it took for me to fall in love with you.” We used that information to do some relationship timeline math:

Randy mentions that he has known Nicole for seven weeks. If he sent the card on or just before Valentine’s Day, that would mean the two met in December of last year — the same month that Dead Asleep was released on Hulu. It would certainly make sense that Nicole reached out to Randy after seeing the documentary.

A TikTok commenter mentioned that Nicole and Randy started talking after the documentary was released, but Nicole offered up clarification. “The only article that was written about us said we ‘met 7 weeks ago,’ which was wrong. Randy said it took 7 weeks to fall in love. So y’all really need to find a hobby.”

Nicole later shared a video clip with a screen cap of a JPay message from Randy dated December 3, 2021. Dead Asleep was released on December 16, 2021.

Here are some more TikTok comment interactions between Nicole and others:
COMMENT: Serious question; if he ever gets out & y’all live together, aren’t you concerned he might sleepwalk again and hurt you?
NICOLE: It’s a valid question, but no I’m not worried. There was a lot of other issues that were contributing to the events prior. Such as alcohol, drugs, etc.

COMMENT: Can I ask a question and no hate or judgement I watched the documentary… do you believe he was sleep walking?? I’m glad to see you making him happy.
NICOLE: I don’t believe he knew what was going on at any point in time. Nothing about that was premeditated. 🥺

COMMENT: I have followed his case!! He is such a pure soul!!! There no way he would ever harm anyone on purpose!!! So happy your there to support him 🥰
NICOLE: You’re too sweet. Thank you! I’m glad others see it. I know him on such a deep level and he would never intentionally hurt anyone 💗🥺

COMMENT: How long are your visits?
NICOLE: They are 6 hours! I’m so thankful because I know a lot of places don’t get that long! But time flies 😭

COMMENT: What are you waiting for if it’s a life sentence? No hate just curious.
NICOLE: Because I love him. Laws are changing everyday. There’s no doubt in my mind that someday he’ll come home.

COMMENT: I get that you love him but just because he got a life sentence doesn’t mean you gotta sentence yourself to one. Live your life.
NICOLE: I’m living my life. I have a great family and wonderful friends. I chose to stand by him 💗

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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