TRUE CRIME This woman put her boyfriend in a suitcase and left him to die

This is a chilling tale of unbridled resentment during a night of drinking that turns into a cold cruel morning of death. In February 2020 Sarah Boone of Winter Park, FL zipped her boyfriend Jorge Torres Jr. (both 42) into a suitcase. When she found him dead the next morning, she told police they had been playing a game of hide-and-seek and she had thought he could get out of the suitcase. Videos detectives found on her cellphone told a much different story.

Sarah first told investigators that she wasn’t that drunk the night before. She wanted to be clear that she had unintentionally fell asleep while Jorge was still in the suitcase and had not “passed out” from drinking.

She didn’t remember, however, that she had recorded video evidence of the night before while highly intoxicated. In the chilling videos investigators played for Sarah, the camera is pointed towards a green suitcase on the floor while a man is heard pleading to help and stating that he can’t breathe.

Instead of help, however, his pleas are met with taunts, laughter, and ire. “For everything you’ve done to me,” Sarah slurs as Jorge calls out her name. “F**k you,” she repeats.

Jorge starts to repeat that he’s having trouble breathing, to which Sarah replies with “That’s how I felt when you cheated,” and “That’s on you.”

“You should probably shut the f**k up,” Sarah says at the end of the horrifying video clip that’s been released to the media. The suitcase can be seen moving as the trapped Jorge fights for his life. In the second video, he has managed to flip the suitcase over.

Sarah claimed that she thought Jorge was fine before she went to sleep that night, but the evidence in the video shows she knows he was suffering and was relishing it.

As Jorge struggles to breathe Sarah also tells him that’s how she felt when he would choke her. The couple had both been arrested before in Orange County, FL multiple times in the past for assaulting each other. In 2018, Sarah was arrested for strangling Jorge. She claimed he had hit her in the eye because she spoke to another man at a bar. Jorge said he had had to kick her off of him to avoid dying from strangulation. At the time, detectives couldn’t determine which party had been the aggressor in the domestic violence incident

When she called 911 the next morning, Sarah suggests to the dispatcher that she didn’t know how Jorge died and that he could have had an aneurysm. She also claims to have gotten him out of the suitcase to perform CPR, but when medics arrive he is still in the suitcase.

Jorge Torres’ autopsy: how did he die?

The autopsy determined that Jorge died from asphyxiation, and his body was also battered. He had a black eye, and bruises and cuts on his head. His back and hands also had bruises and cuts. It was determined that he had been stuck inside the suitcase for 11 hours. He had alcohol in his system at the time of death.

Sarah Boone is currently incarcerated in Orange County, FL without bound and charged with second-degree murder.

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