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Justin Bieber thinks we should all be kinder to Kylie Jenner

The Justin Bieber Kylie Jenner connection is strong–and Bieber's recent comments in defense of the oft-criticized Jenner are the latest proof of it. Bieber stood up for Kylie in his most recent interview, saying that it's "f*cked" how the 18-year-old reality TV sensation is portrayed by the media and attacked by haters. Is he right? Read on to see Bieber's full statement on the matter.

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PHOTOS Kendall Jenner shares underwear selfie, cozies up with Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner's latest underwear selfie sure is getting a lot of attention. It's the latest in a string of revealing Kendall Jenner underwear selfies, but the photo's million-plus likes (in less than a day!) might also have something to do with the latest rumors about sparks flying between Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. Read on for the details!