Julianne Hough: Too hot for CMT but cool enough for Bieber shades

Julianne Hough wears Bieber shades

Julianne Hough does a pretty darn good Bieber pose!  The above photo was posted to her Twitter account as a shout out to pop phenomenon Justin Bieber.  Here is what Hough, Ryan Seacrest’s number one gal, tweeted:

Cap of Julianne Hough's tweet out to Justin Bieber

Hough has recently been in the news for something other than her performances on Dancing With the Stars or the romantic link to Seacrest.  A recent music video for the song “Is That So Wrong” was banned from CMT for being too hot.  The video shows Hough in some seriously short shorts and a bra prancing around a bedroom set doing flips etc., otherwise known as Saturday nights at the Seacrest pad.

I would embed said video but the powers that be disappeared that sucker from the interwebs.  That is some serious Seacrest power at work folks.

So what does a girl have to do get and stay famous these days?  You are a mega hit on Dancing With the Stars, you do a too racy for TV video, you toss tweet outs to the Biebs.  The only thing left would be a sex tape but the downside is that it just might involve Ryan and no one wants that.

One more piece of additional Hough news that I found interesting AND disturbing.  She’s set to play the lead Ariel in a remake of Footloose.  Recycle Hollywood is tackling Footloose!?!  Is nothing sacred anymore, I mean only one man can save a town with dance and a tractor and that will always be Kevin Bacon.

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