New site creates anonymous backdoor for Facebook trash talk

Justin Bieber Lady Gaga

All of us Facebook users have made the mistake of accepting a friend request from that one annoying person from High School.  It was late and you weren’t thinking and you accepted and now you have to hear about their trivial lives on 15 minute intervals.  You just wish you could make a nasty comment informing them that no one cares and be done with it but your social networking civility will not allow you to cross that line.

Well now you have an option for venting your vitriol and frustrations.  Instead of facing your Facebook foe like a big boy or girl you can go behind their back and anonymously talk sh!t about them thanks to the newly launched website  The concept is simple enough, you copy and paste your target’s Facebook URL into AboutEveryone’s selection field.  The site identifies the user including their thumbnail image allowing you to make any statement about that person you wish.  In addition, and perhaps even more importantly, you can see what everyone else has to say about said person!

Here is what the interface looks like from the site:

At first my devilish side loved the concept.  It is simple and effective but I fear the ongoing ramifications of what this site will entail.  In the shadows of all the recent suffering at the hands of bullies it seems like this site welcomes a cowardly means for someone to bully another.  Being a celebrity blog site I’ll provide two examples of what I’m taking about.

Justin Bieber:

“This guy is more gay than Rebecca Black.”

Lady Gaga:

“Is the ugliest drag queen ever.”

And believe me I kept it as nice and as clean as I could.  So what do you think about this new site?  Are you excited about having the opportunity to express yourself or are you saddened by the fact that this will be an open door for bullies to do their thing?