VIDEO Justin Bieber runs into a revolving door

Justin Bieber bangs his head on a revolving door

A collective girlish gasp is heard ’round the world! Watch as Justin Bieber puts his helmet hair to the test by slamming into a revolving door at a Radisson hotel:

Always “too cool for school,” Justin walked over and talked with the guy shooting the video and humorously explained what happened while gingerly touching his forehead. How can you not love this kid? Grrrr!!

Justin Bieber holds his head after hitting it on a revolving door

I’m not sure where this took place, but I’m guessing from the fact that the video was shot by a website in Germany that it was probably Deutschland. Needless to say Justin won’t be doing any commercials promoting revolvingdoorvergnugen any time soon!

(NOTE: No Justin Biebers were harmed in the making of this video)

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