PHOTOS Justin Bieber wears a “Saved By the Bell” Kelly Kapowski shirt to MMVAs

Justin Bieber short hair

Justin Bieber was a big winner at the 2011 MuchMusic Awards, taking home two trophies for Ur Fave Artist and International Video of the Year at the event held in Toronto. Another big winner at the MMVAs was actress Tiffani Thiessen whose Saved By the Bell character Kelly Kapowski was featured prominently on The Biebs t-shirt!

Justin Bieber shows off his Kelly Kapowski Saved by the Bell shirt at the MuchMusic Video Awards

Sure, Madonna was a ground-breaking ’80s fashionista. But, when that aesthetic evolved and the excesses were whittled away, what was left was the pinnacle of of ’80s fashion evolution – Kelly Kapowski.

Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell

Just consider the simple list of ingredients in this grande serving of scrumtrulescent pie: one frilly outerwear bra top, two suspenders, a pair of mom jeans and some subtle jewelry accessorization. They say in art the goal is to create something that is greater than its parts. By that definition Kelly Kapowski is some mighty fine art!

I don’t think I share much with Justin Bieber (he lives in a different world than I do) but we are certainly on the same page with our mutual admiration for the libidinous masterpiece that is Kelly Kapowski.

(Want to own your own K-Pow shirt? You can order them from Urban Outfitters online for just $24!)

That being said, my guess is that the shirt was an inside joke stemming from numerous comparisons made between Tiffani Thiessen’s iconic character and Justin’s new girlfriend, Selena Gomez. I’m sure The Biebs finds the comparisons nothing short of invigorating – I know I would.

But you peeps aren’t here to read my fawnings over Kelly Kapowski, so let’s get on with more of what you are here for – Justin Bieber looking otherworldly awesome and cool…

Justin Bieber in his Saved by the Bell shirt at the 2011 MuchMusic Awards

Justin Bieber in a pair of shades on the red carpet at the 2011 MuchMusic Awards

Justin Bieber flashes his Tiffani Thiessen shirt on the red carpet at the 2011 MMVAs

Justin Bieber looking gorgeous handsome and awesome as usual on the red carpet

Justin Bieber red carpet photo from the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards