VIDEO ‘Next 2 U’ featuring Justin Bieber, Chris Brown leaks

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown appear together in Next 2 U video

There’s been a culture shift in music over the last year or so. It’s now kind of a surprise if a major pop artist doesn’t have his or her song and or video leaked. When you combine the forces of two singers at the top of their games like say Justin Bieber and Chris Brown, it’s almost a certainty that the listening and viewing public will be getting an unintended sneak peek.

Many people actually argue the unintended part feeling like this leaking phenomenon is just a new covert tool by the music business to promote their artists. From some of the ‘leaked’ clips I’ve heard I can’t help but agree. It’s also interesting to note that the music video art form is returning to its pioneering days when the release of a clip from a popular artist was considered a major event. As opposed to everyone doing a video and it playing on a music video channel events such as Katy Perry’s “Firework” or Lady Gaga’s “Judas” are cross-platform big-time happenings.

In the blogosphere we know that anytime Justin Bieber does something it’s pervasive and just under him is the career of Chris Brown who has big league talent that’s been sidetracked by his infamous trouble with Rihanna and his outbreaks of anger, that have occurred since that sad event. Even his momma has weighed in on her boy! All these forces have met in a perfect storm of leaked music video as short film fascination for the duet “Next 2 U.”

Here’s the 8 minute long clip being called an early cut of the video. We find Brown and Bieber both romancing their own ladies but are faced with an army or circumstances keeping them apart including exploding cars, angry fathers, and auto accidents. They manage to break off impressive Michael Jackson styled dance moves, however, while an apocalyptic scene of destruction reigns down around them:

Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun was bragging on the clip before it leaked when he tweeted, “Just saw a rough cut of the #NEXT2YOU video with @justin bieber and @chrisbrown ! @ColinTilley is goin’ in!!” Colin Tilley is the director of “Next 2 U.”

What do you think of the song and the clip and do you think it was slipped out to the public on purpose?

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