Jelena PHOTO – Justin Bieber “obeys” girlfriend Selena Gomez; rubs her feet

I’m a grown woman in my late 20s, so Justin Bieber has always been nothing more to me than a 12-year-old who sings catchy songs. But now I see why all the girls are so in love with him: the boy rubs his girlfriend’s feet. (Or at least he stages PR photos to “leak” on Twitter to paint that image in my demographic’s brain so he can stay relevant as he transitions into adulthood.)

It is absolutely amazing that this boy is already 17. They grow up too fast.

The “Obey” hat is a little overkill, though. It makes me question whether or not he really massages Selena’s feet when the friends have all gone, and the goofy party hat has been put away. He might actually be worth the army Selena has to hire to protect herself from rabid Beliebers who send her death threats on social media.

Here’s a slightly enhanced version of the photo, lightened up a bit to reveal a little more detail:

Selan Gomez gets a foot rub from boyfriend Justin Bieber

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PHOTO via @Jelena