PHOTOS Justin Bieber’s new Yeshua (Jesus) tattoo

Justin Bieber shows off his new Hebrew Jesus tattoo in Hawaii

Less than a month after visiting Israel as part of his My World Tour, singer Justin Bieber revealed a new tattoo written in Hebrew while going shirtless in Hawaii with new girlfriend Selena Gomez this week. The tattoo is on the side of Justin’s chest under his left arm and reads “Yeshua,” which is Hebrew for Jesus. Here is a zoomed-in view of Justin Bieber’s newest tattoo:

Photo of Justin Bieber's new Yeshua tattoo which is Hebrew for Jesus

For comparison, here is Yeshua in Hebrew spelled horizontally (as it normally would be) and beside that is the vertical spelling adapted by The Biebs:

Yeshua in Hebrew which means Jesus with vertical spelling like Justin Bieber's new tattoo

Remember that Hebrew is read from right to left so Justin’s tattoo reads from top to bottom. You’ll also notice his tattoo is missing the little dots and the dash. I did a little research and those are called nikkudim, which aid in the pronunciation of certain vowels in the Hebrew language, similar to our markings when spelling out words phonetically, such as in a dictionary.

Another interesting thing you will notice if you look very closely at the top photo (you can click the photo for a larger image) is that justin Bieber also has a brand new girlfriend and she is damn fine! Selena Gomez spells beautiful in just about every language – and that’s reading from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, inside out… whatever! (CLICK HERE to see Selena in a fuchsia bikini while in Hawaii with Justin. She’s wearing very little, which I believe in Hebrew means almost nikkudim.)

Photos: Dave / Splash News