MUG SHOT Mariah Yeater of Justin Bieber paternity claim infamy

Mug Shot Mariah Yeater

That is the mug shot of Mariah Yeater who has filed a paternity claim against Justin Bieber.

No she didn’t get arrested by the Beliebers in a swell of vigilante social justice, this arrest picture comes from a 2010 incident involving her ex-boyfriend John Terranova. You can click on the above image for a full page view.

TMZ spoke with Terranova’s grandmother Frances Lippe who stated that the two had been dating towards the end of Yeater’s high school years when her pregnancy started up yet another incident.

Yeater swung over to Terranova’s pad to inform him that she was pregnant with his baby, yes the same one she is now claiming is the backstage love child of Justin Bieber, and just like the Biebs John said, “not mine!” Being that Maury Povich wasn’t handy they had an argument and Yeater got ticked and broke a car window. She later returned to work out a payment plan for this window when the two went after it again and this time things got violent.

According to a police report Yeater slapped Terranova across his face three times with her open right hand. She was arrested and charged with battery and the above mug stems from that incident.

Mug Shot: Splashnews

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