PHOTOS Justin Bieber and his dad getting Jesus tattoos

Jeremy and Justin's Jesus ink

Look, it’s father, son and holy son ink!

These photos were recently posted to thejustinbiebershrine showing Justin along with his father Jeremy Bieber getting matching left torso Yeshua (Jesus) tattoos.

We posted up on Justin’s tattoo when it made its first public appearance during a Hawaiian vacation trip with The Biebs’ main squeeze Selena Gomez. In the post our writer Asa Hawks explained the origins of the Hebrew lettering and even created a side-by-side graphic illustrating the usual right-to-left spelling as opposed to the Bieb’s top-to-bottom arrangement. (The post also includes the lovely Selena Gomez in an amazing little fuchsia bikini in case you needed another reason to click.)

According to J.B.’s Shrine these tattoos were inked shortly before that very superstar vacay. This isn’t Justin’s first ink as he got a Jonathan Livingston Seagull tattoo on his waist up in Toronto last year. As you can tell from the above photo, his old man is no stranger to the artist needle either.

Bieber and his dad getting Jesus tattoos

You can check all the images out at the above ink link for J.B.’s shrine site.

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