PHOTOS Top 5 krappy things you can buy at the Kardashian Khaos store

Photo of the Kardashian Khaos store at The Mirage in Las Vegas

The entire Kardashian clan was on hand at The Mirage in Las Vegas yesterday for the grand opening of their “Kardashian Khaos” store (or as they call it, “celebrity lifestyle boutique”), which features “a variety of items only available at Kardashian Khaos, including all the products that the Kardashian girls and Kris Jenner own, represent, market and endorse, coupled with exclusive Las Vegas souvenir items.”

We don’t have photos of all the wacky Kardashian merchandise available (which includes t-shirts, novelty gambling chips, a surprise beach towel, playing cards, and private label make-up by Stila among other things) but we did get enough pictures of the kampy Kardashian krap available for purchase that we were able to compile a Top Five list! So here they are, the Top 5 krappy things you can buy at the Kardashian Khaos store starting with the least crappy and working our way to the top…

Khloe Kourtney and Kim Kardashian signe photos for sale at Kardashian Khaos

My guess is you can get ol’ Andre at the sex shop around the corner to autograph a Kim Kardashian blow up doll for less than $40! What’s that? $80?!? Oh well, I know for a fact you can get Kris Jenner for $15. (Yeah, I admit it. I’m old and I still like to pretend I’m Bruce Jenner.)

Kardashian temporary tattoos and door hangers available at Kardashian Khaos
“Shhhhhhhhhh!” If only they sold these for our televisions, computers, and everything else bombarded by the seemingly infinite number of inane Kardashian konversations! (Yes, those are Kardashian tattoos on the side. I didn’t even wanna go there.)

Kim Kardashian candles available at Kardashian Khaos at The Mirage in Las Vegas
The flame burns intensely for 72 days, then goes out. “I wish I would have know you, but I was just a kid. Your marriage burned out long before, your candle ever did…”

Kardashian beach towels at their Kardashian Khaos store in Las Vegas
Comes with a pair of scissors, a video camera, and an “I am Ray J” t-shirt. (At least Kim’s does.)

Fans with photos of the Kardashian's faces on them at Kardashian Khaos
These are for rational people everywhere with an insatiable curiosity – You can buy these and take them home or to a lab somewhere for closer inspection and see if you can figure out the mystery behind the existence of Kardashian fans.

Photos: Splash News

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