Lindsay Lohan violence with a staff member at Betty Ford after a night out at a bar?

48448, PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA - Saturday December 11 2010. Lindsay Lohan wears her heart on her sleeve, leaving her house with a heart design on her dress. The actress was on her way to class at The Betty Ford Clinic, where she is currently undergoing treatment. Photograph:  David Tonnessen,

On December 12, Lindsay Lohan (who’s seemed to have been doing so well lately) allegedly snuck out of the Betty Ford center with her roomates  at the sober house to go to a bar. When they returned home Lindsay allegedly got in a fight with a staff member, resulting in a 1:03 a.m. call to the police. (via TMZ)

The staffer who called the police are reportedly hoping to prosecute. Palm Desert Police Department are currently investigating the matter.

RadarOnline has more details about the incident. Lindsay returned to the sober house 10 minutes after curfew and was asked to take drug and alcohol tests, which she passed. But she was so upset about being asked to prove her sobriety that she and the staff member “clashed.”

Lindsay was later moved to another, secret, location at Betty Ford to protect her from her stalker, and to remove her from the situation with the staff member.

UPDATE: Lindsay claims that the staff member pushed her first, but admits that she pushed back. She believed the staff member was unfairly scolding her and had it out for her for a while.

Another court battle certainly won’t help Lindsay Lohan get her career back on track. Sneaking of to a bar (if that’s what really happened) while you’re in rehab isn’t helping much either.