Leah Messer and boyfriend Jeremy Calvert set the record straight on “cheating” rumors

Teen Mom Leah Messer with new boyfriend Jeremy Calvert

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer was put in an awkward spot when MTV aired the Season 2 trailer featuring her future ex-husband Corey Simms seemingly answering in the affirmative to his dad’s question, “She cheated on you again?” The clip seems to imply that Leah had cheated on Corey and that it was a major factor in why the couple would eventually file for divorce.

Corey Simms suggests Leah Messer cheated on him again in the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 trailer

Leah has been busting at the seams to tell everyone the real story, but she is restricted by her MTV contract and can’t divulge any information about what happens on the show. She finally broke down on November 18 and fired back at Twitter hater @heatherbatz with a series of frustrated tweets:

TM2LeahDawn: okay, whatever. You do not know the whole damn story! I never cheated while Corey and I was married!!!! Okay. I will tell you this, cheating is in the story. Matter I fact at the end of the story and its not very accurate. so don’t be so quick to judge, because you look stupid! K, thanks.. Block(:

@heatherbatz: sorry then, mtv makes it look like it was all you.

TM2LeahDawn: they do and they don’t. Corey and I had things hid and went a fight broke out he brought that up to throw in my face and make me look bad. Soo pleasee don’t be so quick to judge.

@heatherbatz: good comeback…hahaha I don’t give a sh!t if you block me…lol

TM2LeahDawn: well I do give a sh!t if I block you. It is just not even necessary for the negative comments. The show hasn’t even started?? It’s been a trailer that’s all. ugh!/:

@heatherbatz: I apologize…for real.

@heatherbatz: I don’t know how you deal w it. I deff couldn’t. Sorry for judging what I don’t know. I do wish you guys the best.

TM2LeahDawn: it’s okay, I’m sorry for blowing up. It just bothers me when ppl assume I’m a cheating whore. I’m clearly not. if only some kneww what I knew… /:

TM2LeahDawn: I just get aggravated, that’s the first time I’ve said something back. I feel a little better. && I know. I’m excited, but not forcing anything! ;p

**** SPECIAL NOTE – Let’s all take a moment to admire the fact that Leah accomplished one of the hardest things in all of celebridom: the hater apology! Well played Leah, well played indeed!

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2

But, as you might expect, the rumors kept swirling. Eventually they would suck in Leah’s new boyfriend Jeremy Calvert, who some were speculating had been the man Leah cheated on Corey with. Jeremy took great exception to the accusations and went to Facebook to dispel the rumors:

Just to set the record straight..

I was not with Leah at all while she was married
I didn’t start talking to her until July
We didnt start dating until August 13th.

She was clearly divorced by then and had been separated from him for over 4 months as well.

Also, I do NOT in anyway think that she would EVER cheat on me. Some say “Once a cheater, always a cheater” But honestly thats not the case here. Things happened in their relationship that will NEVER happen in ours. And we are together for all the right reasons, not because we felt the NEED to be together, we WANTED to be together.

So please back off with all the Neg stuff and accusations, you know NOTHING about our relationship, what will happen with it, or what we do. Seriously, its getting old. I love her and her girls more than anything and I just want to be happy and so does she, so please leave well enough alone..

Because Im really tired of hearing “Coreys better than you, blah blah blah” or “I wish she was with Corey and not you” or “Corey was so good to her she should be with him” and stuff like that.. Shes with ME and VERY happy!!! So NO she shouldnt be anywhere else.

Anyways though, if you dislike me so much, UNLIKE this page, NO one made you come here. & If you cant unlike the page, let me know and I will ban you, otherwise, keep negative things to yourselves, you dont even KNOW me yet, You’ve never even seen me. Wait until you do to pass judgement.

I think I’m going to like Jeremy! (Although I will miss Corey Simms’ frayed WV ball cap) Unfortunately, we won’t get to see him on the small screen until after Season 2 wraps up. Jeremy shared the sad news on Facebook:

Im sorry guys, but I wont be on Season 2, I wont be on until later down the road. You’ll just have to keep watching for me, lol.

D’awwww! I suppose we can still admire the photos though, which aren’t only of Jeremy and a seemingly VERY happy Leah, but also of Jeremy by himself lookin’ all manly performing his duties as a pipe fitter:

Pipe fitter Jeremy Calvert is Teen Mom Leah Messer's new boyfriend

Be sure to tune in to the Teen Mom 2 Season 2 Premiere which airs tonight at 10/9c on MTV!

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