UNEXPECTED Myrka Arriaga gives birth to second child

TLC Unexpected mom Myrka Arriaga welcomes second child with new boyfriend after Ethan

Congratulations are in order for Unexpected Season 4 mom Myrka Arriaga as she recently gave birth to her second child!

Myrka announced she was pregnant again back in July, and she later revealed that she was due on January 17. However, she surprised a lot of her social media followers by posted a selfie video on TikTok last week that clearly shows her post-pregnancy belly!

Here’s the clip:


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Myrka further confirmed the early birth in the comments:
COMMENT: You looking amazing mamas 💓🫶🏼 congratulations 🎉 and baby#2 it’s hard in the beginning but I’ll will get easier as she grows 💟🦋
MYRKA: We have transitioned really smoothly actually! Got a routine down within the first couple of days.

Earlier today, Myrka shared another TikTok video that addressed dealing with a newborn. Here’s what she wrote:

When moms tell me they wake up every hour w their newborns, but I got both my girls on a schedule and they sleep through the night by 2 weeks.

Myrka reveals two big things with her message.
Number one: IT’S A GIRL! Attalie has herself a little sister!
Number two: Myrka’s second child was born at least two weeks ago.

Myrka added the following in the caption:

For those of y’all saying what about the feedings , I’ve ran it by their pediatrician and I’ve been reassured that they will wake up when they’re hungry and neither showed signs of being anything but healthy. They are great weights and everything🥰.

Unfortunately, that is pretty much all the information we have on Myrka’s second child. She posted some Instagram stories over the weekend in which she is with a young man pushing a stroller in downtown San Antonio, but it’s unclear who the man is.

Myrka has been reluctant to provide much information about the baby’s father, reportedly because he doesn’t want to be in the public eye. About all we know is that he is rather tall (six foot, three inches) and was 18 years old as of July of last year.

Myrka did share a couple photos back in July after her boyfriend graduated from high school:

TLC Unexpected Myrka Arriaga's new boyfriend and father of her second child

Congratulations to Myrka and her mystery boo! We will keep an eye out and will be sure to update once we have additional information about the new baby.

Myrka and her mom Lilly update

If you’re curious about Myrka’s current living arrangements and her relationship with her mother, Lilly, most of your questions will be answered by a statement issued by Lilly herself after news of the most recent pregnancy broke:

“Ok since the cat is out of the bag here’s what I have to say so that people don’t speculate.

“Since my husband and I planned to move out of Harlingen due to both of us having to drive to work and gas prices on the rise, Myrka just didn’t want to move, she had her reasons and as the adult she is now made a choice. There is no animosity, we moved to a 3 bedroom thinking of her and Attalie just in case things didn’t go her way.

“The boy came to our house spoke to both my husband and I, we have seen him around Attalie and we have nothing but good things to say about him. We wish them the best, we also bought Myrka and Attalie a car so they can visit us and pay their phone service so we can video call whenever we want. They are working and going to school, have solid career plans and have our support as well and his family’s support.

“Yes we never know what the future holds and we all wish they waited till they were in a better financial position but it is what it is and I am here enjoying my family, that includes him. We are happy, we are all learning as we go to be more tolerant and my daughter knows that no matter what I will always be here for her.

“When we found out, I was obviously crying, worried, sort of upset then my husband hugged me, he was crying and said. I am going to be a grandpa again, before you guys I had nothing now my heart is so full. That right there was priceless. My husband doesn’t have children and he can’t have any, but is is totally in love with mine and is there for them unconditionally.

“For those asking if I help with Attalie, I wish I could do more but I work Mon-Sat and get out at 7. We try to see each other twice a week. Financially if they are in a stretch and need something they know they can come to us. But they have been doing very good. WE ARE ALL GOOD.”

Will Myrka be returning to Unexpected for another season? Despite the new pregnancy, Myrka has been VERY adamant in the past about not wanting to return to the show. When asked if she would ever return back in July, Myrka offered a definitive response. “Nope,” she wrote, “not after having the producers treating me like a literal dog.”

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