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EXCLUSIVE Steven Assanti asks ‘small minded folks’ to respect him following latest My 600 Lb Life episode

The latest chapter in the ongoing saga that is Steven and Justin Assanti has finally aired, but it looks like it’s not the last time we’ll hear from them. Steven Assanti contacted us with a plea for respect from My 600 Lb Life‘s many fans — and his many detractors. Keep reading for our exclusive from Steven!

PHOTO New Angela Gutierrez 600 Pound Life update: How is she doing now?

Native Ohioan Angela Gutierrez had something of an infamous reality TV debut earlier this year. The My 600 Lb Life cast member became just the second person to drop out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program — and then claimed she was losing plenty of weight on her own. In our Angela Gutierrez 600 Pound Life check-in, we’ve got a new pic of the Season 7 star, plus another potential update on whether she’ll be filming a follow-up episode.

What is Louis CK doing?

Louis CK has never been a completely guilt-free experience, and he himself has never wanted to be. But in light of the verified sexual misconduct claims against him, his strangely mean-spirited new material, and his attempts at censoring his audience, it’s worth asking: exactly what is Louis CK doing, these days?

PHOTOS MY 600 LB LIFE Angela update: Has she really lost 120 pounds?

Angela Gutierrez’s My 600 Lb Life debut made her one of the most controversial cast members in recent memory. And the second cast member ever to drop out of Dr. Nowzaradan’s weight loss program now says she’s lost plenty of weight on her own. Our My 600 Lb Life Angela update catches up with the Season 7 star; we’ve got plenty of new photos for you, taken since filming wrapped.

LHHMIAMI Veronica Vega says the N-word controversy made her a ‘more sensitive’ person

Love & Hip Hop Miami star Veronica Vega’s nationality and ethnicity are back in the spotlight thanks to her new statement on the N-word controversy. Veronica addressed her use of the word during the show’s inaugural season, saying that she’s learned plenty from the fallout and wouldn’t be so quick to use the word again.