LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Is Tayler pregnant with Chance’s baby? VIDEO

Life After Lockup Is Tayler pregnant with Chance's baby?

This season of Life After Lockup looks to be creating A LOT of life after lockup! Just one week after Puppy took an on-screen pregnancy test revealing that she is pregnant with Eric’s baby, Tayler George shares the news with her friends that she and Chance Pitt may be expecting too!

The potential pregnancy reveal comes in a brand new preview clip from WE tv in which Tayler is trying on wedding dresses with her friend Sarah. After Tayler expresses her concerns over Chance’s freewheeling and frivolous financial decisions, she tries on another dress.

“I don’t know if I’m 100 percent sold on this one,” Tayler says, “but I feel like it’s loose-fitting on my stomach, which is good because I feel like I’ve been gaining some weight lately.” OK. “And I’m, like, late.” Uh oh!

Tayler’s friend gasps as she asks how late. “Uh, like a couple weeks,” Tayler says. “On top of that, I’ve been getting nauseous,” she adds.

Sarah is all of us as she flails her arms and exclaims, “Oh girl!” She turns the other way and shakes her head.

Tayler reveals that she hasn’t told Chance yet because she’s not sure if she’s pregnant. “I think it might just be stress and, like, I don’t want to get him excited about nothing.” Tayler also reveals that she’s hesitant to take the test because she’s had complications with her prior pregnancies.

“I’m just feeling a little bit nervous about it because if I do take the test and I am pregnant, there’s like a lot of things I would have to be worried about. Every pregnancy I’ve had has been, like, high risk. I’ve had to do, like, blood thinner shots and everything, like, in my stomach. It hurts.”

“I’m feeling kind of worried, like history is gonna repeat itself,” Tayler continues. “When I was engaged to Jake, I was pregnant with a boy and we lost him. And then I lost Jake.” JAke is Tayler’s ex, and father of two of her children, who tragically passed away in 2015 at the age of 23. “I kind of feel like every time something good happens, something bad happens,” Tayler says. “Like the good things get sabotaged by the bad.”

Here’s the preview clip:

Is Tayler Pregnant?

We’ve been hearing reports of Tayler being pregnant for a few weeks now, some of which seem fairly reliable. However, we have not been able to confirm one way or the other.

YouTubers Kiki and Kibbitz recently interviewed Tayler’s mom and dad and the topic came up. Mary mentions that the word on the street is that the couple may be grandparents again soon before asking Tayler’s parents if they could confirm or deny the rumors.

“We can’t say anything because we don’t know,” Tayler’s mom says. “We don’t know because we don’t go out there that often,” she adds. (Tayler’s parents live in a different county than Tayler, Chance and Bobbie.)

Her parents then go on to say that they aren’t very close with Tayler, and she “kind of beat around the bush” telling them about her previous pregnancies. It sounds like Tayler’s parents don’t know any more than we do!

Here’s the interview — the part about the pregnancy rumors starts right around the 16:15 mark:

UPDATE – Chance and Tayler (under a blanket) appeared on a YouTube live session with Kiki and Kibbitz and he pretty much confirmed the pregnancy! Chance was talking about buying his truck and mentions that he was looking for a family sized truck. “At that time, I did not know we had a baby coming,” he added.

Host Brianna gasps and exclaims: “Confirmation! You heard it here first — there’s a baby coming.”

Chance didn’t seem to think he had let anything major slip. “No, you didn’t hear it here first. They said it on WE tv,” he says and laughs.

Here’s the full video, which is an EPIC live for fans of Life After Lockup because it seems like half of the current cast showed up to participate! If you want to hear Chance’s apparent pregnancy confirmation, that happens right around the 1:25 mark:

To find out if Tayler is pregnant with Chance’s first child (that we know of), keep tuning in for new episodes of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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