THE DUGGARS Cousin Amy has run-in with Anna Duggar “She looked so angry!”

19 Kids and Counting star Cousin Amy King has had a run-in with Josh Duggar’s wife Anna Duggar at a memorial for their mutual friend who passed away. According to Amy’s TikTok “(Anna) looked so angry!”

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Amy Duggar

19 Kids and Counting star Amy Duggar King has been very vocal against her extended family lately, even speaking out in the explosive docu-series Shiny, Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets.

Concerned about her cousins involvement with the Institute in Basic Life Principles, King has sent messages to the “survivors” of what she refers to as a Christian “cult.”

While she has been in contact with the other “rebel” Duggar’s like Jill Dillard, who has her own juicy tell-all memoir coming out this fall, Amy hasn’t had much interaction with her family who still consider themselves conservative.

Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar, the still-devoted wife of Josh Duggar, has been out of the public eye ever since her husband was found guilty of possessing inappropriate videos and photos of minors. He is currently serving a 12+ year sentence at Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) Seagoville in Texas.

Anna has visited Josh several times since his incarceration and rumor has it that she has even moved closer to the jail so that it is easier on her and the kids when he has open time to interact with her.

Though several Duggar family members have denounced Josh’s crimes, Anna seems to be standing by her man. 

A run-in to remember

Amy Duggar King and her mom Deanna Duggar (Jim Bob’s sister!) have taken to TikTok to spill the tea on running into Anna after “several years” of not seeing her.

In the video, Amy and Deanna recall looking up from hugging a friend at a wake and realizing they were within inches of Josh’s wife. Deanna recalls that Anna “looked so angry,” with Amy enforcing that she looked “ticked at the world.”


UPDATE – I SAW ANNA TONIGHT Ya cant help someone who soesnt want help . 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️#duggars #annaduggar

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Amy claims to have reached out several times to Anna to let her know that she “doesn’t have to be alone in this,” but that Duggar has shut her out.

Apparently after Amy tried to console her at the funeral, Anna snapped back with “just give me space!!!” Oof. There’s always drama in Duggarville!

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