Below Deck Adventure’s Oriana Schneps published a novel she wrote when she was 12

Below Deck Adventure stew Oriana Schneps novel The Seventh Chime

Below Deck Adventure second stew Oriana Schneps has quite the resume! In addition to being a trained diver, equestrian, and fencer, Oriana is also a digital startup entrepreneur, yacht broker and a published novelist!

Oriana wrote a novel titled The Seventh Chime when she was just 12 years old. According to the Amazon listing for the book, it was published by Xlibris in July of 2009. The back cover reveals that Oriana was a freshman in high school at the time.

Here’s the synopsis from Amazon:

The Sohne de Devi (the Sons of the Devil) threaten the young heroine Mary, her family and community, The lives of the people in her small village revolve around the ancient bell tower that chimes to indicate safety or the approach of evil. The novel follows Mary and her family as they prepare to battle the Sohne de Devi. While fighting to save their village, Mary and her best friend Beth, uncover the community’s secret history and the terror of the Seventh Chime.

And here’s Oriana’s “About The Author” section from the back cover:

“The Seventh Chime” is the debut novel by Oriana Goodman Schneps, written when she was twelve years old.

In middle school, Oriana won several awards for her poetry and was inspired to write a longer story. At that time, she was taking fencing lessons and competing, and was a serious equestrian. These ancient sports shaped the themes of the story.

Currently Oriana is a freshman at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School and lives with parents and brother in Cambridge, MA. She continues to pursue equestrian riding.

I should point out that Xlibris offers self publishing, so I assume that The Seventh Chime was self published. Even so, there were enough books printed for there to currently be nine copies available on Amazon! Grab yours quick before they become a true Below Deck collectible!

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