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PHOTOS Did Lyfe Jennings get married? LHHATL star’s wife reveals their relationship

Did Lyfe Jennings get married? And, now that we know he took back the ring he gave to fellow Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-star Karlie Redd, who is Lyfe Jennings' wife? A week after we reported on a series of rumors involving Lyfe's alleged love, it looks like the curtain was pulled back by Ms. Jennings herself, who revealed a few tantalizing details on social media! Read on to see pictures of the two together!

REPORT Amber Rose wants $10 million to keep Kanye’s secrets: What does she know?

What secrets do Amber Rose and Kanye West share together–and are they worth an eight-figure ransom? Those are the questions that Kanye's fans (and, presumably, Kanye himself) are asking, thanks to a series of reports which allege Amber is demanding $10 million from Kanye or she'll go public with what she knows. After this year's "fingers-in-the-bum" Twitter scrap, what more could there possibly be to learn about Kanye?

VIDEO MTV’s new show Suspect exposes secrets to help relationships heal

MTV's new reality show Suspect picks up where Catfish leaves off–but what can we expect from the MTV Suspect cast? Hosts Nev Schulman and iO Tillett Wright are prepared to travel America, helping people whose relationships are in jeopardy get to the bottom of what's driving them apart. The "web of lies" Nev and iO will uncover looks to be as tangled as anything we've ever seen from the network–read on for details, plus a preview of tonight's series premiere!

Frequently asked questions about Curse of the Frozen Gold, including whether it’s fake

Is Curse of the Frozen Gold fake? That's the question that thousands of potential new viewers find themselves asking, thanks to Animal Planet's pending premiere of hot Canadian property Curse of the Frozen Gold. It's the latest in a slew of popular treasure-centered reality television programmes, and the show's success in Canada has American audiences intrigued. The biggest mystery for those audiences, though, is the Curse of the Frozen Gold fake issue.