All the rules Josh Duggar has broken while in prison for illegal videos of minors

Disgraced star of 19 Kids and Counting Josh Duggar is currently serving a nearly 12 year prison sentence for possessing illegal content featuring minors.

Since the Duggar has been behind bars he has broken several rules – including one that had him moved to solitary confinement.

This guy has some serious problems.

Duggar found guilty

Despite trying to shift the blame on to his colleague Caleb Williams, Josh Duggar was clearly guilty of possessing disturbing photos and videos of children in the summer of 2021.

Currently serving a nearly 12 year sentence at FCI Seagoville federal prison, the disgraced star of 19 Kids and Counting hasn’t seemed to repent for his sins – in fact, he’s basically doubling down.

The only member of his family who appears to visit him behind bars is his loyal wife Anna, who has expressed her own small acts of rebellion… like finally wearing jeans, a trend most of the other Duggar women have also adopted since Josh’s imprisonment.

Josh Duggar breaks the rules

Since entering federal prison in April 2021, Josh Duggar has broken several of the institutions rules… and rumor has it, his fellow inmates can’t stand him.

Found possessing an illegally obtained cell phone, the shocking act was punished by a stint in solitary confinement the jails highest form of punishment.

News is now coming out that Josh also had access to a personal Facebook page, another no-no considering his offences have to do with being online.

If this wasn’t enough, his personal hygiene has gone down the drain – inmates at FCI Seagoville have complained that the former reality star is “sloppy” “arrogant” and “rude.”

Duggar’s sentence has been extended

Josh Duggar’s sentence was intended to be 12.5 years, but because of all his wild antics his release date has been pushed back.

Duggar is required to stay in prison for two extra months, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website.

Josh Duggar Anna Duggar

Originally he had a release date of Aug 12, 2032 but it looks like it will be closer to Christmas when the reality star is released.

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