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LINKS! Melania’s jacket doesn’t care, Roseanne booted from Roseanne reboot, MTV ‘reinvents’ Daria…

VOXYesterday, Melania Trump made a quick trip to the US-Mexico border to visit a detention center (and wish the families held there “Good luck”). And she wore a jacket emblazoned with the phrase “I really don’t care, do u?” do to it, which has sparked just the teensiest bit of backlash

THE BLASTRoseanne is now officially coming back this fall via a Darlene-centered, Roseanne-free spinoff. We don’t yet know how much money ABC paid Roseanne to go away…but we do know that she allowed herself to be photographed giving a thumbs-up while out at dinner shortly after the network made the announcement

DLISTEDIf you’re of the belief that 2018 could use a hearty dose of Daria Morgendorffer’s sardonic wit and apathetic shrugs, you’re in luck, because MTV is rebooting the show. (Though they’re calling it a “reinvention,” whatever that’s supposed to mean)

VERY SMART BROTHASIf you haven’t yet read about Antwon Rose, the 17-year-old Pittsburgher who was shot and killed earlier this week while running, unarmed, from police, here’s everything you should know along with why you should know it

CELEBITCHYIt turns out the executive order Trump signed to reverse his administration’s policy of separating children from families trying to cross the US-Mexico border doesn’t actually end the policy and puts in place no guidelines for reuniting the children and families who’ve already been separated

THE BLEMISHTrump advisor Stephen Miller, who came up with the family separation policy in the first place, had his phone number published by a muckraking outlet a couple of days ago. One unforeseen upside for Miller: He got all that human contact he’d been missing for who knows how long

LAINEY GOSSIPIn the aftermath of Solo‘s relatively disappointing box office take (it’s at just under $200 million after four weeks, which is a ton for a “normal” movie but sad for a Star Wars movie), Disney is actually “hitting pause” on all the Star Wars spinoff / expansion films. What’s more surprising than Disney managing to f*ck up the once-invulnerable Star Wars magic is the company actually admitting that they did, indeed, f*ck it all up

PAJIBAIf you’re one of the many viewers who tore through Queer Eye‘s entire second season last weekend and are starving for more, you’re in luck: There’s a new mini-episode set in the real town of (wait for it) Yass, Australia

REALITY TEAA very tentative congratulations for Below Deck Mediterranean, which is “in the running” for an Emmy nomination. Of course, the members of the TV Academy have yet to actually determine who the nominees will be — but still, a long-list nod is a long-list nod

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPJenna Morasca, best known for winning Survivor: The Amazon back in 2003, has returned to social media following her DUI and alleged overdose earlier this year. According to Jenna, she’s “back and better than ever”

JEZEBEL – Koko the gorilla, whose proficiency with sign language and painting helped inspire Michael Crichton’s novel Congo (and its hilariously campy movie adaptation), has died at the age of 46. Rest in peace, you beautiful creature

Joe Giudice is in removal proceedings by ICE, so what does that mean?

Joe Giudice mug shot photo

News broke earlier today that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is officially in removal proceedings by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The announcement has spawned numerous articles claiming that Joe will be deported, and Joe’s attorney has responded to say that no decision has been made. So, what exactly does it mean that he is in removal proceedings?

Blac Chyna dumped her 18-year-old boyfriend because he allegedly got a side chick pregnant

Why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay 1

Blac Chyna, who raised eyebrows when she stepped out with 18-year-old boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay, then raised them mid-forehead when she allegedly got pregnant with his baby, is single once again. But why did Blac Chyna split with YBN Almighty Jay? Apparently, the teenager is expecting a child — just with a different woman altogether.

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea's dad Losing Randy Houska weight loss photo

TEEN MOM 2 Dr. Randy Houska loses 35 pounds in 3 months #LosingRandy

Teen Mom 2 granddad Dr. Randy Houska announced earlier this year that he was committing to losing weight, and he launched a YouTube series titled “Losing Randy” to not only document his weight loss journey, but also to incentivize him to not quit — which seems to be working so far. It’s been three months since everyone’s favorite MTV dentist began, and he proudly announced online on Wednesday that he has already lost 35 pounds!

Justin Bieber and his mustache reportedly ‘desperate’ to have babies with Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin marriage gossip 2

Justin Bieber, whose on-again, off-again relationship with Hailey Baldwin is just the latest for someone who’s only ever been in on-again, off-again relationships, is reportedly ready to commit, baby-style. Justin, 24, is said to be “desperate” for a baby with Hailey, 21…and Hailey apparently couldn’t be happier about the news.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians will squeeze everything it can out of the Khloe & Tristan cheating scandal

Khloe & Tristan's cheating scandal on KUWTK 2

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson may be back together and bonding over baby daughter True, but that doesn’t mean Tristan’s cheating ways are a thing of the past. Now that Khloe & Tristan’s cheating scandal on KUWTK has been confirmed for the new season, it seems Kim has decided to speak up once more, confirming she “hates” Tristan and can’t stand the new storyline. Which means more drama — which can only prop up the show’s sagging ratings!

REPORT RHONY Tinsley Mortimer and boyfriend Scott break up again

RHONY Tinsley Mortimer and boyfriend Scott Kluth break up again according to new report

Some may doubt the power of the jinx, but when The Real Housewives of New York City star Tinsley Mortimer decided to go wedding dress shopping with her mom just weeks after reconciling with her boyfriend (nope, not fiance) Scott Kluth, I felt confident that she had pretty much doomed any potential walk down the aisle for good. The jinx is now being confirmed by multiple sources as Tinsley and Scott have reportedly called it quits again.