TIKTOK Bratz Community Drama: He sent his mother’s ashes for revenge

A few days ago TikTok creator @_anastasiagracia_ put out a call to action to hear about the drama in niche communities. She cloaked it by asking if there were any communities with “no drama,” but mentioned how drama always seems to pop off no matter the common interest that brings people together.

She mentioned in particular the stationary and beehive communities. And, of course, she got back a ton of stitches spilling tea. One rather macabre tale comes from the Bratz doll collector community, as told by @joolieannie with the captioned title “his mom really popped up on him.” There are no receipts, so its unknown if this lore is true, but it makes for a good story.

According to @joolieannie, the story happened a few years ago when some Bratz collectors who were good friends had a falling out. One of their mothers passed away, and the other one was there for him during this difficult time.

Trouble started brewing, however, when the collector whose mom had died started getting Bratz samples from the company, including rare prototypes that are very valuable on the resell market. The other friend was upset that he didn’t offer him any of these rare products and the feud got so heated that one of them exposed nudes online of the other one.

Eventually, they made up, but it wasn’t genuine because the one who had lost his mother was out for revenge. He ended up finally sending the other guy a rare prototype.

When he got it in the mail, however, he thought it was “moldy” because there was something on the doll. It wasn’t mold spores in the box, though. The other guy had sprinkled some of his mom’s ashes in the box on top of the doll.


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The official Bratz brand account even commented on the story with “UH WHAT.”

Top Photo via Valerie Everett on Flickr, other photos via Tik Tok

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