TIKTOK’s Crack and cocaine song came from a 1986 McGruff the Crime Dog album

A goofy TikTok sound making the rounds is an unearthed clip from the start of a 1986 anti-drug album aimed at kids. The sound starts with a long, silly, and upbeat musical intro, and then a raspy deep voice comes in with “Using crack and cocaine / to get high.”

The long intro leaves a lot of time to read the set-up text for the “using crack and cocaine” punchline. People have used the joke with their pets, to describe what they were literally doing at certain times in their lives, or what other people just thought they were doing.

It’s also used quite a bit with references to how bands wrote certain songs or were able to perform for so long while on tour. One of the most popular TikToks using this sound is a reference to the fact that Stephen King was often high on cocaine when he wrote some of his early books. He’s famously said that he doesn’t even remember writing Cujo because of the amount of cocaine he was doing at the time.


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♬ McGruff The Crime Dog doin Crack n coaine – Pinko Punko


back in the days when you just buy it out of the drink aisle🥲

♬ McGruff The Crime Dog doin Crack n coaine – Pinko Punko

Although the TikTok clip ends abruptly after “using crack and cocaine to get high,” the song goes on to warn about the dangers of these illegal stimulant street drugs.

McGruff the Crime Dog was a mascot created in 1980 through the Ad Council to raise awareness in children about personal safety and crime prevention. The 1986 album Smart Kids, which was released on cassette tape opens with “Cocaine and Crack,” and includes other bangers like “Alcohol” and “Marijuana.”

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