VIDEO Swamp People 3 “This is Your Boss” Super Bowl Commercial

Swamp People break room

Are you ready for some . . . gators?

The fourth quarter of Superbowl XLVI may or may not go down in history for its great football, but it will live forever in the memories of everyone who has ever dreamed of riding in RJ and J Paul Molinere’s airboat, having a cold beer with the Guist Brothers, or hearing Troy Landry yell “choot ’em” in their ear. Because this isn’t just the year of Superbowl XLVI, this is Swamperbowl I!

In this $3.5 million 30 second spot called “Swamp People: This is Your Boss,” we get our first peek into this year’s alligator hunt in Louisiana’s Atchafalaya swamp. The commercial compares the daily grind of alligator hunters in the swamp to those with slightly more 9-5 type white collar occupations as we’re shown images of the swamp people’s versions of a cubicle, traffic jam, IT support, 401k, carpool and more. (It’s sort of a swampified version of the Fosters campaign “Australian for beer.”)

Who’s the boss in the Atchafalaya? I’ll give you three hints: (1) his name isn’t Landry, Molinere, Guist, Cavalier, or Mitchell, (2) his only weakness is a soft spot on the back of his head about the size of a quarter, and (3) he’s the one who is going to get fired this season!

I’ll be quiet now and let the brilliant commercial makers speak for themselves…

In addition to giving the millions of Swamp People fans out there a little taste of the long awaited 3rd season, “This is Your Boss,” is a huge deal for the History Channel, and for the brains behind their fabulous programming, Nancy Dubuc. According to her statement in a History Channel press release:

This is a great moment for HISTORY. We are currently one of the top brands in the media landscape, and the #2 network for men, and Swamp People is one of our most successful shows — Season 2 of Swamp People averaged 4.1 million total viewers, which was a 32% increase over Season 1. This is a great way for Americans to get back into the Swamp of things prior to the new season.

Congratulations Ms. Dubuc, History Channel, and everyone down in the bayou. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in Swamp People 3!

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