Swamp People’s Gator Queen Liz Choate to be a grandma, daughter Jessica pregnant

Swamp People Elizabeth Gator Queen Liz Choate daughter Jessica Cavalier

The number of Swamp People is about to increase by at least one as show star Elizabeth “Gator Queen Liz” Choate (of “Choot ’em Lizbet!!” fame) has announced that her daughter Jessica, who has appeared alongside mama Liz on the show, is pregnant!

“Well people always tell me that things Happen for a reason,” Liz wrote on Facebook on January 23. “I’m guessing this is one of those things !! IM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA !! JESSIE LOU IS GOING TO HAVE A BABY !!! GRANDMA LIZ :)))))))))))))))))) ”

Almost 2,000 congratulatory comments flooded the post and Liz responded by writing, “Lol Thank y’all I’m so excited,” before adding, “I can’t wait.” Liz added on her personal Facebook page that Jessica is due in September, which is right smack dab i the middle of gator season!

A HUGE congratulations to Liz and Jessica, without question my favorite mother/daughter alligator hunting duo on the whole planet!

And just to show that the Gator Queen and Princess aren’t always covered in gator bait and camo, here they are looking cajunbelievably glamorous while out in Los Angeles:

Swamp People_Liz daughter Jessica formal

In other Gator Queen Liz news, according to another Facebook post from November, she is considering opening up a restaurant! “Let me know who would be interested in coming eat at ‘Gatorqueen’s Authentic Cajun Resteraunt.'” she wrote. “Be honest before I decide, lol,” she added. When asked where the restaurant would be located in the comments section, Liz said it would be in Pecan Island, Louisiana.

Also, on January 8, Liz’s husband Justin Choate took to his Facebook page and posted a photo of Liz in a hospital bed giving a thumbs up. “Waiting for my sweety to come out of her knee surgery,” He wrote. It’s unclear if the surgery was due to a specific injury or not, or how Liz is doing, although they have both continued to post since without referencing the surgery, so I assume she is doing well.

And speaking of Liz’s husband Justin, you can see more of him (and Liz) when Swamp People returns for a sixth season tonight at 9/8c on History!

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