VIDEO Swamp People’s RJ & Jay Paul Molinere on ‘Bayou Time’

This is what I like to call going “next level” reality show reporting. Folks out there can’t seem to get enough of Swamp People and it almost always comes down to how darn genuine the cast members are and how real they come across. Well if you love you some Swamp People, especially the realism of it, then you’re going to be singing, laissez les bons temps rouler” when you see the following clip of father and son gator hunters RJ and Jay Paul Molinere on local HTV 10’s “Bayou Time.”

“Bayou Time” could be more Louisiana than Swamp People and I guarantee you the theme song will blow you away. Here’s the clip, with the must listen intro tune but after that you can skip the school bus fender-bender news and get straight to the Molinere Brothers when they come in at the 6:00 minute mark:

Pretty interesting actually. RJ discusses how the folks with SP wanted someone of Native American heritage but that they were just looking for one. RJ told them that it wasn’t going to work because he had to be with his partner and after reviewing the interviews the show thought a father / son team was interesting (they were right on with that one). RJ also discusses his Houma Indian heritage and the pride he takes from living off the land.

Jay Paul talks about the fact that he’s attending Community College to get his degree during the off-season and that he also operates heavy machinery among a ton of other talents the two share which you can read about in our great profile post here. Jay Paul tells the host that the first season of Swamp People hadn’t even aired yet when they were filming and that they thought it was just going to be another documentary which they had been involved with before. Then he verifies what any fan of the show already knew about the Molineres:

“What you see on T.V., about me and my dad, that’s straight forward. because look, we weren’t trying to act for T.V., we weren’t trying to make nothing more because we thought we were just filming a documentary.”

The host comments on how well the tandem seem to get along and RJ explains that it’s a blessing to be with his son every day and that sure they have their moments but they keep it real and respectful. The host asks, “You don’t go to bed angry do you?.” Then RJ delivers a kill shot for an interview blurb, “Well we go to bed tired.” Then he explains why they come across so serious because for 30 days you got to look, smell and think like an alligator. It’s business and the Molineres aim to make that bread.

One additional great comment from RJ is that he’s really thankful for his great cameraman because they don’t even know he’s there so they can focus on doing what they need to do. That’s a hell of a compliment.

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