Glenn Guist

VIDEO Swamp People 3 “This is Your Boss” Super Bowl Commercial

The fourth quarter of Superbowl XLVI may or may not go down in history for its great football, but it will live forever in the memories of everyone who has ever dreamed of riding in RJ and J Paul Molinere’s airboat, having a cold beer with the Guist Brothers, or hearing Troy Landry yell “choot ’em” in their ear. Because this isn’t just the year of Superbowl XLVI, this is Swamperbowl I! Here’s the “This is Your Boss” video — our first glimpse of Swamp People Season 3.

Swamp People’s Guist Brothers bios: Guists just wanna have fun

The Guist brothers’ daily grind seems to be: hang out, get hungry, go kill something, cook it, eat it, hang out. The other alligator hunters on Swamp People might make a living off the land, but the Guist brothers really LIVE off it. Keep reading to find out more about Glenn and Mitchell, perhaps our country’s most unlikely (but entirely deserving!) television stars!

SWAMP PEOPLE How much money does an Alligator Hunter make?

Anyone who watches Swamp People knows that alligator hunters care about how much money they make.  With the notable exception of the Guist brothers, the hunters featured on the show are quick to talk about what makes the difference between a profit and a loss during the one-month alligator season in Louisiana. But how much are these guys really making?   What kind of money are we talking about?