VIDEO PHOTOS Florida teenager one ups Swamp People by reeling in 800lb alligator with fishing rod

Florida teenage Tim Stroh catches an 800lb alligator with a fishing rod

I think the Guist brothers of Swamp People have some competition as Florida teenager Tim Stroh reeled in an 800lb 12′ behemoth alligator with… His bass fishing rod!

Stroh hails from Hobe Sound and has been hunting alligators with his mother and father for five years. Over the weekend the adventuresome family was doing their thing in the St. Lucie County Canal when they spotted the monster you see above near a bridge. When Tim’s old man Steve realized how big this gator was he admitted he was a little scared.

“When I saw how big it was it even intimidated me.”

19-year-old Tim doesn’t look like he has the build to beat this big one but don’t let appearances confuse you, he managed to bring the gator in with his bass fishing rod. Once they got the gator boat side and realized the enormousness of their catch Tim beat it across the head with a bang stick… which is just a .44 caliber gun shell on a stick. These alligator hunters keep it simple and crazy!

Here’s a video report filed by area news station WPTV:

The family is license legit to hunt them gators down and after he beat it down he harpooned it with help from a buddy, can’t hate on Tim for asking for a little help on this one.

As for the fate of the alligator, well it now calls the Stroh’s family freezer its home. Tim’s dad is a taxidermist (nope he’s not Chuck Testa) and stated that he was going to mount the head for Tim’s room. Here’s one more parting shot of Tim with his catch. Is that Tim’s other nice looking Florida catch posing with him?

Florida teenage Tim Stroh catches an 800lb alligator with a fishing rod

Photos: Steven Stroh/Splash News

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