Swamp People star Bruce Mitchell’s dog Tyler dies at 13

Bruce Mitchell and dog Tyler photo

History’s Swamp People reality series is chock full of eccentric characters, including everyone’s favorite long-haired overalls and doo-rag wearing gator hunter, the always mustachiotrulescent Bruce Mitchell. But, behind every charismatic superstar there is almost always a level-headed sidekick, or a “straight man” if you will, and Bruce is no exception. His “straight man” was actually a straight dog in the form of Tyler, Bruce’s Zebra cake loving best friend and gator fishin’ pooch extraordinaire. That’s why it saddened me greatly when I learned today that Tyler passed away this morning.

From Bruce Mitchell’s Facebook page:

We are sad to have to let all of Bruce and Tyler’s fans know that Tyler died this morning around 1:10am. He ate his last zebra cake 🙁

He had a great 13 years with his best friend and family, who loved him very much! We are gonna miss him lots.

Swamp People Bruce Mitchell's dog Tyler dies RIP Tyler

Bruce’s cast mate Liz Cavalier shared her sympathies on Facebook, writing, “I Am Sorry To Hear About Tyler Bruce’s Dog What An Awesome Companion He was My Heart Goes Out To Y’all God Bless Man ! You Have Wonderful Memories ! Bruce & Janet !”

In honor of Tyler’s passing, here’s the “Meet Bruce Mitchell” clip from History that has the description, “People say Bruce Mitchell hunts gators all on his own, but Bruce is quick to point out that he has a trusty sidekick–his dog, Tyler.”

“The boat don’t leave without Tyler. When you say ‘Boo” he’s ready to go!”

And here’s a photo album of Tyler shared by Bruce on Facebook, which includes some Tyler throwback puppy shots!

You can catch Tyler and Bruce in action together on a new episode of Swamp People airing tonight at 9/8c on History.

R.I.P. Tyler.

Swamp People Bruce Mitchell with dog Tyler

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